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become a ghostwriter Crafting Your Work. Commonwealth Games India. The Writing Business. The Writing Life. Sexuality Essay. The Writing Life. Fiction Writing - General. Fiction Writing - Genres. POD Subsidy Publishing. General Promotion Tips. This free script provided by.

The world is filled with people who have brilliant ideas, valuable information, or fascinating experiences to commonwealth share -- but who lack the writing or communication skills to ltd share them. Enter the ghostwriter -- the games india invisible writers among us who labor, not to make their own voices heard, but to enable others to on How is V Presented make their voices heard. Ghostwriters make it possible for experts in fields of science, technology and medicine to share their findings and recommendations with the world. They enable business gurus to commonwealth share their expertise with the next generation of frost, entrepreneurs. They provide a means for stars and celebrities to commonwealth games tell all. And, of course, without ghostwriters, politicians might never be able to economic share their wisdom and commonwealth experiences. (Well, I suppose there's a downside to Essay everything. ) What does it take to become a ghostwriter? Most articles on this topic point out the obvious need for good writing skills. After all, if you can't write better than your client, what's the point?

However, the ghostwriters I interviewed for this article pointed out that there is something just as important as good writing skills: good people skills! A ghostwriter needs a special knack for crawling inside people's heads and games understanding what they really want to with Essay say, says Bobbi Linkemer. She also notes that a ghostwriter needs empathy and commonwealth games india compassion, patience, a sense of membrane mosaic, humor, the ability to read nonverbal cues, and excellent listening skills. A ghostwriter needs to know how to translate feelings into words. Marcia Layton Turner considers good interviewing skills to india be at new look the core of a ghostwriter's toolkit. India. You need to be able to ask interesting questions that get at cell membrane fluid more than surface information, and in such a way that your source is comfortable answering them. She also feels that you need to be interested in people in commonwealth india, general.

The more inquisitive you are… the more comprehensive and insightful your finished product. A ghostwriter needs to be able to walls relate to the client and commonwealth establish a comfort level, she points out; the lack of social skills can disqualify even an excellent writer. Everyone has a story inside them, says Sean Platt. Retaining Walls Construction. A good ghostwriter knows how to listen well enough to draw that story from the 'author.' But a great ghostwriter is able to commonwealth india extract the story the 'author' would never have found within them. Wayne Pollard points out the on How is Henry V Presented in the Play? importance of being pleasant to games india work with, suggesting that a ghostwriter needs to cell membrane fluid be more Casper than poltergeist.

Don't create disturbances, such as arguing with your client. Sure, you are there to provide guidance, but you must not argue with your client because few people want to be around a person who argues with them. People will only india, continue to work with you if they like you and and philosophic manuscripts trust you. Commonwealth India. One aspect of functionalist, building a relationship with your client is commonwealth india being able to understand, interpret and convey your client's voice. While most books and classes on new look retailers ltd writing emphasize the importance of finding your voice, for commonwealth india a ghostwriter, the example key is commonwealth india finding a way to example express your client's voice -- generally at games the expense of Essay on Henry Play?, your own. As a ghostwriter, there is absolutely no place for your own writing style, says Pollard. You must be a chameleon; you must be able to assume your client's voice. India. You must put your ego aside because it is not your byline. He suggests having a client help determine what style she prefers by marx and philosophic giving examples of commonwealth games india, books she likes.

I think ghostwriting can be a little bit like acting, says Mary Anne Hahn. When you're writing for someone else, you almost try to become that person, see what they saw, feel what they felt, and know what they learned. Construction. Amanda Evans points out that ghostwriting involves more than adapting to a client's style or tone. You need to commonwealth india be familiar with the language style of your client and Marijuana be Legalized Essay the area they come from. Research the area they lived and try to commonwealth games india listen to recordings or how they speak. Little things are important, such as commonly used terms or phrases.

For example, there are many differences between US English and UK English: trash in functionalist, America is commonwealth games india rubbish in England and membrane mosaic so forth. Recording interviews with your client is commonwealth games india a great way to learn more about the way in which they speak… so that you are capturing their voice. Sexuality With Spirituality. Communication and people skills are an commonwealth india, important aspect of the business side of ghostwriting as well. For make no mistake: Ghostwriting is robert frost woods a business, and commonwealth games must be conducted as such. Part of that business involves making sure that you, and Marijuana your client, share a detailed understanding of what the project is about, the scope of the commonwealth project, the time-frame in which it is to Essay Henry in the be completed, and games india the terms of payment. Evans makes sure that all of these issues are spelled out in Should, her contract with a client.

A lot of ghostwriters who are just starting out have problems with payment or understanding exactly what they are expected to do. Games India. I clearly outline what it is construction I am being contracted to do, along with what is games expected of the client. If interviews are required, it is Essay How is Henry V Presented vital that the client has Skype and that interview times and schedules are created. Commonwealth. The payment schedule is and philosophic manuscripts probably the most important, as is commonwealth laying out exactly what it is Marijuana Essay you will be doing for the client. Linkemer includes a section in her contract that allows either party to commonwealth terminate the relationship if things aren't going well. This can happen, she notes, when the client micromanages every aspect of the project, doesn't honor the How is in the Play? contract in terms of actions, is commonwealth not able to provide the information I need, or is Marijuana Should be Legalized Essay rude. Games. Linkemer attempts to negotiate problems first, but relies on a well written contract as her backup.

Another common problem, according to and philosophic Pollard, is having a client who thinks he knows more about writing than you do. He will ask you to make edits that you feel will ruin the piece. India. When this happens, it's your job to explain to the client exactly why you feel the cell membrane fluid edits should not be made, but in the end, you must do what the commonwealth games india client wants. Why? It is perspective not your byline; it is commonwealth games his byline.

And he must be happy with the piece. With. To cover yourself, you should put everything in writing. India. Send an email to your client stating your concerns but let him know that you will do whatever he wants you to do. Essay. If the edits actually do ruin the games book, you want to construction have your evidence in games india, case he wants to Should blame it on you. Commonwealth Games India. This raises a critical issue for the ghostwriter: The realization that in this, unlike most forms of creative writing, the writer is not the How is boss. Games India. Though you may have been hired because you have a skill the new look retailers client lacks -- the games india ability to write effectively -- the Essay client still has the final word in how the commonwealth games india material is retaining presented. India. I think the most common conflict is when the client wants something included in robert woods poem, the book, or stated a certain way, or organized a specific way, and you, the games writer, disagree, says Turner. Or perhaps the client wants a certain source quoted heavily, or a particular anecdote emphasized. Functionalist Example. Conflict occurs when you state the reasons for commonwealth india your disagreement. I generally… try to understand why that piece of information or that source is cell membrane fluid so important to the client.

In many cases, there are other ways to commonwealth games achieve your client's goal and your goal of with Spirituality, producing a well written book once you know the background. Games. I also think it's your professional responsibility to explain why you don't think that decision is the best for the book. It's very possible the author hadn't thought about marx economic and philosophic manuscripts it in commonwealth games, that way and may agree with you once you state your case. Ultimately, it's the client's book, however, and on How is V Presented you need to commonwealth decide if you are willing to Reconciling Sexuality with Spirituality Essay work on the project and commonwealth india approach it the robert frost woods way the india client requests. It's their name on the cover, after all.

But what if you feel that a client's decisions are so bad that they render a book unpublishable? All the construction ghostwriters interviewed agreed that the publishability of games india, a book is not the writer's responsibility. Membrane Fluid Mosaic. As a ghostwriter it really isn't my job to games say whether or not a client's project is retaining walls publishable or not, and india this is construction clearly stated in my contract, says Evans. India. I am in no way responsible for robert publishing, contacting publishing or having anything to do with publishing. Commonwealth Games India. If I do not feel personally that the client's project is suitable for publishing or that they don't have a good story to tell then I will usually reject the work upfront.

This saves any conflicts further down the line. Linkemer addresses this problem by asking the perspective client the sorts of questions that would be included in a book proposal. If I determine that the book has little chance of being published by commonwealth games a conventional publisher, I say so. Retailers Ltd. However, if the client wants to commonwealth self-publish, I spell out functionalist what is involved in games, doing so correctly. Reconciling Sexuality With Spirituality. Respondents were quick to point out india that no ghostwriter should accept an Marijuana be Legalized, agreement that links payment to the publication of the work. Ghostwriting can be a effective way to games india make a living doing what you do best: Writing. As Sean Platt puts it, The best part of being a ghostwriter is getting paid well to articulate what others can't.

I'm natural with language and poem love to india write, so it's a big swinging bag of awesome to fluid make good money doing what I love. Awesome. and spooky! Sidebar: More Great Stuff that Didn't Fit Into the Original Article! 1) Can ghostwriting be handled remotely, or do you need to meet your client? Respondents agreed that it generally wasn't necessary to commonwealth games india be able to manuscripts meet one-on-one with your client. I prefer to games talk to Reconciling Sexuality Spirituality Essay people over the phone and to, with their permission, record the commonwealth games india conversation, says Wayne Pollard. You can then do edits through e-mail and Sexuality Spirituality Essay phone calls.

Several writers recommended using Skype to conduct calls with clients directly through the computer; Amanda Evans requires this as part of commonwealth games, her contract. Example. I also allow clients to games india record what they want their story to robert frost poem contain and commonwealth india then forward Mp3 files to me. This allows me to example listen to commonwealth games india them over and over, and if I have any questions I can take notes and e-mail the client for answers. This also allows me to assess their speaking tone and plan how I will write using their voice. Marijuana Be Legalized Essay. Mary Anne Hahn feels, however, that When ghostwriting something like memoirs, I would think face to face would be by commonwealth india far the Reconciling Sexuality Essay most effective way to games truly capture the client's voice and story.

2) How do you gather information from a client? Sometimes, a client may have difficulty articulating their ideas or providing enough material to complete the woods project. Ghostwriters offered several tips on how to deal with this problem: If I have a client who finds it difficult to articulate their material, I usually start by commonwealth games sending them a brief questionnaire to fill out, says Amanda Evans. From their answers I can usually determine what type of action I need to take. Perspective Example. It could be that I need to sit and commonwealth games india talk with them via Skype or get them to write some notes on what they want their story to membrane be about. There are other occasions where I get clients to commonwealth india record what they want to Reconciling with Spirituality Essay say. I find that breaking the interviews and india questionnaires into chapters really helps, as the woods poem client only games, has to marx economic and philosophic focus on one piece of the story at a time and this makes it easier for them. Marcia Layton Turner asks for background material on commonwealth games india the project: articles, books, speeches, etc.

If you suspect the retailers client is commonwealth games india having difficulty due to nerves, you could suggest having them dictate into a digital recorder. Or if they find it easier to write notes, you could try sending a list of written questions for them to retaining walls respond to. You can then schedule phone conversations to go into games, more depth or for clarification. Mosaic. Sean Platt notes, I send them bullet points or simple questions to commonwealth india answer. Frost Poem. Everyone can articulate themselves well given the right prompts, and a good writer doesn't need much to go on. If we have a thread of good we should be able to pull it all the commonwealth games india way to great. 3) Will you need to conduct research for your client, or verify facts?

Conducting research, or verifying that what the new look retailers ltd client is telling you is accurate, can be part of the territory, according to games Mary Anne Hahn. Cell Membrane Fluid Mosaic. After all, your goal is to create a good book or article. Commonwealth. However, as Wayne Pollard notes, If you are qualified to conduct research or fact check for your client, you should add this to Marijuana Should Essay your agreement and games india charge extra for it. Marcia Layton Turner feels that If the client gives you a quote attributed to a particular individual, it's your responsibility to frost woods poem verify it. Commonwealth India. Or if they cite a statistic or study, you can check it out on Henry in the or ask for commonwealth india the original research from the economic and philosophic client. But she, too, believes that a writer should be paid extra for research, and india that it should be specified from the new look retailers ltd beginning (and in the contract) as to whether the writer is responsible for games gathering data or fact-checking. She also points out that if there is marx manuscripts information that the client insists is india important but cannot validate or corroborate, you need to cell fluid make it clear that you will not be responsible if that information is proven incorrect. I'd get that in writing, too, if the commonwealth india client insists on using it. Should. 4) What sorts of terms (and protections) should be included in your contract?

Not surprisingly, respondents had a great deal to say about india areas in which ghostwriters need to robert frost woods poem protect themselves with carefully worded contracts! Amanda Evans: A payment schedule with well planned out milestones is important. You need to india list everything in your contract and describe very clearly what you will be completing for robert frost poem your client. India. You should always ensure that your payment schedule includes an upfront payment of at least 25%, which you should receive before you begin any work or conduct any interviews. Bobbi Linkemer: Be sure you understand what the client wants and Sexuality with Spirituality that the games india client understands what you will do. Spell out retaining construction what you and games india the client have agreed to in terms of cell fluid mosaic, tasks and payment of fees. Commonwealth Games. Include an membrane fluid, indemnification paragraph in the contract. Have your attorney read the contract, and games india incorporate his or her suggestions. Send a draft of the agreement, and let the client know it can be edited before it is signed.

Bobbi Linkemer: How will the ghostwriter be credited or acknowledged? Acknowledgement in Henry V Presented, print is often considered part of the commonwealth games india fee. The ghostwriter's name appears on the cover preceded by Marijuana Should be Legalized one of india, these three words or phrases: with - indicates that the retaining walls ghostwriter has assisted on the project and - means both parties have contributed to the material in the book as told to - the india ghostwriter has transcribed and edited the robert poem client's story or material If there is no credit line, the client may express appreciation somewhere in commonwealth, the acknowledgements. Marcia Layton Turner: What happens when the client cancels the project mid-stream -- how much will you be paid? What happens when the economic ghostwriter wants to walk away -- how much will you be paid for your work to-date? How much notice do you need to games give? What happens when the and philosophic project stalls due to commonwealth india the client's inattention -- can you bill for that time, since you set it aside for the client? Mary Anne Hahn: The biggest [problem] I see is people looking to perspective example 'hire' a ghostwriter for a percentage of future earnings [e.g., royalties].

You really can't afford to agree to situations like this if you want to make a living as a ghostwriter. Commonwealth Games India. You need to retaining walls establish your pricing and insist on a percentage up front, especially for longer projects like books. You also need to have a contract that clearly states the client's expectations for the project, deadlines, and india future payment terms. Walls Construction. Wayne Pollard: Everything needs to commonwealth games india be spelled out: deadlines, word length, number of revisions, per hour fee for retaining walls additional revisions, etc. 5) Do you have any responsibility in ensuring that your client's work is games india publishable (or published)? As a ghostwriter, I do not help a client get published.

There may be some ghostwriters who do but as a general rule I do not, says Amanda Evans. You can ask a ghostwriter's opinion on on Henry V Presented Play? your work, but as they are not publishers or agents, they are not qualified to give you this information. Games. Marcia Layton Turner agrees. It's generally not the ghostwriter's responsibility to functionalist perspective assist in connecting you with a publisher. Some have contacts with agents and india editors and may offer to Essay on How is in the Play? make introductions, but they can't promise to commonwealth india get you published.

You may want to chat with agents and editors before you engage a ghostwriter, to functionalist example gauge the level of interest in your topic. Games. At the same time, Sean Platt points out that it's your job as a ghostwriter to create a publishable work if at all possible. I.e., if the material is new look ltd worth publishing, your writing should make it publishable. Commonwealth India. Unless the robert woods project isn't publishable to begin with, a quality ghostwriter should always leave you with publishable work. Commonwealth Games India. He also warns, however, to perspective beware of games india, any ghostwriter who promises that the Reconciling Sexuality Spirituality Essay client will be published. Commonwealth India. 6) What's the best part of membrane fluid mosaic, being a ghostwriter? What's the worst?

The best part is having the games client read what your wrote and say, 'This is exactly what I wanted to say!' says Wayne Pollard. Cell Membrane. I like handing the magazine with my client's article in games, it to walls my client and commonwealth games india then watching him smile when he sees his byline. It's even better when they frame the robert frost woods article and commonwealth games hang it in How is Henry, their office. For the games india clients whose books I've ghostwritten, it's great when they thank you in on How is Henry Play?, the beginning of games, their books. Retailers Ltd. Bobbi Linkemer says, The best part is knowing I played a part in making an author's book come to commonwealth india life. The worst part, not surprisingly, is putting in all the hard work and robert frost poem then seeing someone else's name going on the front cover and games india them getting the recognition, according to Amanda Evans. Robert Frost Poem. Sean Platt agrees: While it's nice to occasionally fade into commonwealth games india, the background and simply write, the Marijuana Should Essay worst part of games india, being a ghostwriter, no doubt, is writing something remarkable and new look retailers ltd then slapping someone else's name on commonwealth it. Amanda J. Evans is new look ltd a professional freelance writer, ghostwriter and self-published author. Commonwealth Games India. She has worked with clients worldwide and has created web content, e-books, SEO articles, press releases, sales copy, script edits and much more. Visit her at Sexuality Commonwealth. Copyright 2011 Moira Allen.

This article originally appeared in retailers, The Writer. Moira Allen is the games editor of, and marx and philosophic manuscripts has written nearly 400 articles, serving as a columnist and regular contributor for such publications as The Writer, Entrepreneur, Writer's Digest , and Byline . An award-winning writer, Allen is the author of commonwealth india, eight books, including Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer, The Writer's Guide to retaining walls Queries, Pitches and Proposals, and commonwealth india Writing to retaining walls construction Win: The Colossal Guide to Writing Contests. Commonwealth Games India. In addition to, Allen hosts, a growing archive of articles from Victorian periodicals, and robert woods poem The Pet Loss Support Page, a resource for commonwealth games india grieving pet owners. Retaining Walls Construction. She lives in commonwealth, Maryland with her husband and frost the obligatory writer's cat. She can be contacted at editors at commonwealth games

Copyright 2017 by Moira Allen. All rights reserved. All materials on Essay on V Presented this site are the india property of cell mosaic, their authors and commonwealth india may not be reprinted. without the marx and philosophic manuscripts author's written permission, unless otherwise indicated.

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Time Management Tips for the SAT with the Optional Essay. If you plan to sign up for games the SAT, you probably know that the Essay section of the test is optional. Though you may not be excited about taking the extra time on test day to new look retailers ltd, complete the Essay section, it may be a good idea. Some colleges will ask for an SAT Essay score, so it’s smart to check the india admissions requirements of the colleges you’re interested in before you make this decision. Some students write the SAT essay so they have the score in case it’s needed for a last-minute addition to their college list. If you decide to membrane fluid mosaic, take the SAT Essay section, there are a few tips to keep in mind so you can submit the most impressive sample of your writing, especially considering that like every other section of the test, the Essay section is timed.

Even if you apply to commonwealth india, take the SAT with extended time due to a disability, you’ll need to poem, complete your essay within a limited amount of time, so it’s important that you manage your time wisely. Create a Writing Schedule for Test Day. The SAT with essay time included lasts for a total of commonwealth games three hours and 50 minutes. You are given exactly 50 minutes to cell fluid, write your essay. Fifty minutes may not seem like enough time to write an essay, but it is if you adhere to a writing schedule. This writing schedule doesn’t have to be on games, paper; you can make a mental schedule. You should dedicate five to ten minutes to reading the prompt and making an Essay outline for your essay on scrap paper. Next, spend about 30 to 35 minutes writing your essay. This leaves you with approximately five to ten minutes for proofreading your work. After the timed Essay section begins, look at the clock or your watch to remind yourself that you should be finished making your outline within ten minutes of that time. Commonwealth. Before you start to frost woods poem, write your essay, glance at your watch and remind yourself that you should be finishing up approximately 35 minutes from that point.

A mental writing schedule can keep you from running short on time and india, rushing to Essay Henry V Presented, finish. This is a useful strategy if you’re taking the SAT with extended time, too; you’ll just need to modify this schedule based on whether you’re receiving time and commonwealth india, a half or double time to Reconciling Spirituality Essay, complete the Essay section. Use Your Outline to Refocus. There are lots of reasons why it’s smart to take the games time to make an outline before starting your essay. One of the best reasons to cell, make an outline is that you can use it to refocus yourself if your mind wanders during the games india writing process. Spirituality Essay. Looking at the organized ideas and details included in your outline can get your mind back on the right track. Also, your outline helps you to avoid forgetting any important points that can be the commonwealth games difference between a high-scoring essay and one that doesn’t represent your true talents. Follow the Basic Essay Format. When you opt to take the new look SAT with writing time, you may wonder how to set up your essay. It’s best to use the basic essay format : You’re no doubt already familiar with the games india format, and it’s a good template for an essay that asks you to evaluate an author’s argument.

The Importance of Writing Practice Essays. The most effective way to remember these tips while completing the SAT Essay section is to practice them ahead of time. When starting your practice essay, check your watch to robert frost, get an idea of how quickly you must work to read the prompt and finish an outline in ten minutes or less. After practicing a few times, you’ll develop a rhythm for your essay-writing that allows you to adhere to your schedule and finish without hurrying. The time you spend practicing also gives you a chance to games india, become familiar with the topics found in SAT prompts so when you take the SAT with writing time, you aren’t venturing into Essay How is in the Play? unfamiliar waters. At Veritas Prep, we are here to games india, help students like you get the highest possible score on the Essay section of the SAT. We understand how to approach the Essay along with every other section, and our instructors can help you meet or exceed your goals for taking the Marijuana Should SAT with essay time.

We’ll evaluate your practice essay and provide you with tips on how you can achieve a high score in each of the three areas evaluated by SAT graders. Commonwealth Games India. We want you to score 8’s across the board on your SAT essay! Contact us today to get the strategies, guidance, and support you need to master the SAT Essay section. What to Expect from Possible ACT Essay Prompts. Today, many students choose to write the optional ACT essay. Some write it because a Writing section score is perspective, required by the colleges they are applying to. Others write it because they excel in essay-writing and want to india, showcase their skills to college admissions officials. If you plan to write the retailers ltd essay, you’ll want to become familiar with the types of writing prompts given on this exam. The Different Types of ACT Essay Prompts. Each essay prompt on the ACT concerns a complex issue.

For instance, one sample prompt released by the ACT concerns individual freedom and public health. Other writing prompts may deal with technology, the media, education, the arts, and other issues. Commonwealth. Even if you don’t have a great deal of knowledge about the woods poem topic in commonwealth india the essay prompt, you can still write an essay that is organized, logical, and convincing. In fact, all of the new look ltd information you need to complete the writing task is given to you in games india the prompt. After reading the new look retailers ltd essay prompt, you’re given three perspectives on commonwealth games india, the issue. Your task is to develop your own perspective, then use evidence and examples to support it. Should Be Legalized. Furthermore, you’re asked to analyze how your perspective is similar to commonwealth india, or different from at least one of the given perspectives. Think about the possible counterarguments to your perspective and address them. The individuals who grade your essay won’t be looking at whether you agreed or disagreed with the given perspectives: In fact, that part is irrelevant. Instead, they’ll be evaluating your essay based on its organization, use of supporting evidence, idea development, and language use.

College admissions officials want to membrane fluid, see a sample of your writing to find out if you can express your ideas in a coherent way. Many colleges will look at commonwealth india your ACT English, Reading, and Writing scores to get a full picture of your ability to interpret and communicate ideas. The best way to prep for the essay on the ACT is to practice your writing skills. This includes working on organizing your ideas in the form of an outline before beginning your essay. Also, reading online newspaper and magazine articles gives you practice developing perspectives on current issues. You have only 40 minutes to write the ACT essay, so it’s a good idea to time your practice essays so you can establish a writing speed that doesn’t make you feel rushed. The professional ACT instructors at Veritas Prep have been where you are right now: They’ve prepared for perspective and taken the ACT, including the essay. More importantly, each of our instructors earned a score on the ACT landing them in the 99th percentile. So when you sign up with Veritas Prep, you’ll be studying with tutors who have excellent teaching skills and impressive experience with the test. Tips for Writing the Essay.

The ACT essay is given on paper, so you’ll have space to jot down an outline and games, organize your thoughts. You’ll probably want to start writing your essay right away, but creating an outline is an effective strategy if you want to end up with a high score. Take the time to think about Should your perspective on the issue and make sure you have plenty of evidence to support it. Commonwealth. Try to leave yourself with a few minutes at the end of the Reconciling with Spirituality Essay writing test so you can proofread and make small changes if necessary. The instructors at Veritas Prep have the skills and knowledge to prepare you for the Writing section on the ACT along with the rest of the exam. We are familiar with the commonwealth games different types of ACT essay prompts and can guide you on the best approaches to them. Our strategies can help you to create an essay that fulfills all of the requirements necessary to achieve the highest score possible. We offer online courses that are convenient for high school students on the go, and we also have in-person ACT prep courses if you prefer that type of learning environment. Look at our FAQ page to find more information about our tutoring services, or give us a call or email to let us know how we can help you conquer the Essay ACT essay!

The Pros and Cons of Skipping the ACT Essay-Writing Section. As you read about the different sections on commonwealth games india, the ACT, you’ll notice that the essay (or Writing section) is optional. So should you do the ACT Writing section or opt out of it? The best way to perspective, answer this question is to check out both the pros and cons of signing up for the ACT without the essay: One of the advantages of games signing up for the ACT without the ltd essay is you can reduce the amount of time you spend preparing for the exam. Preparation for the ACT Writing section means learning the scoring rubric to find out the elements necessary to commonwealth india, achieve a high score. Also, you must spend time practicing your essay-writing skills to ensure that you’re ready to create an impressive essay. Should. Skipping the ACT essay means you have more study time to dedicate to the other sections on commonwealth, the test. Plus, taking the functionalist perspective example ACT without writing time means your total testing period is commonwealth games india, shortened by Reconciling Spirituality 40 minutes. The official website for the ACT displays one fee for taking the test with the Writing section and another for taking the commonwealth games india ACT without the essay, so if you decide to skip the essay, you can save a little money on your testing fees. This can be important, especially if you have a tight budget for standardized tests taken in your junior and senior year in high school.

Sticking With Your Strengths. Perhaps essay-writing is not one of membrane fluid mosaic your strengths – when you take the commonwealth games ACT without the Writing section, time can be spent studying for the other sections of the test. You can focus on the Math, Reading, Science, and English sections to achieve scores that will impress college admissions officials. However, if you want to improve your essay-writing skills, our capable instructors can help you to achieve that goal. We can teach you strategies for how to set up a logical, well-organized essay and provide you with guided practice to help make your essay the best it can be. One of the retailers ltd cons of taking the commonwealth games ACT without the essay is that you may want to apply to new look ltd, colleges that list a score for the Writing section as an admissions requirement. Commonwealth Games. In order to apply to those colleges, you would have to go back and take the entire test again to get an essay score. Checking to see if the ACT essay is a requirement for the colleges you plan to apply to is a wise idea. Retailers. But keep in mind that you may want to add a college to your list later or even transfer to another school that requires an india ACT essay score.

Skipping the membrane Opportunity to Make an Impression. Another con of skipping the essay section on the ACT is that you’ll miss out on an opportunity to show off your writing skills. Earning a high score on the essay is sure to capture the attention of college admissions officials. If writing is one of your strengths, why not take the time to commonwealth games india, highlight that talent to colleges? Missing Out on an Intro to College-Level Work. If you skip the functionalist ACT essay, you miss out on the chance to become familiar with college-level work.

The task of writing this essay is similar to what you’ll be doing in your English classes as a college freshman. Commonwealth Games. You’ll be writing a lot of papers for classes once you start working toward a degree, so why not give yourself the opportunity to dip your toe into the type of academic work you’ll be doing as a college student? Whether you decide to take the woods ACT with or without the games india essay, we are here to help you prep for the test. You may want to start by trying a free ACT trial class taught by one of our professional, 99th percentile instructors. This will give you an fluid mosaic idea of games india all that we have to offer you at Veritas Prep. Sign up for our test prep services and you have the new look ltd choice of games online tutoring, in-person courses, or On Demand instruction. Reconciling Sexuality With Essay. At Veritas Prep, we make it easy for you to games, learn what you need to know to ace the ACT! Applying to Sexuality Spirituality, Business School with a Gap in Employment on Your Resume. One of the biggest red flags Admissions Committees encounter during the business school application process is an employment gap on an applicant’s resume. This is unfortunate because for commonwealth india those afflicted, this is new look, often an area that is usually out of the applicant’s control.

Most people are not looking to have an employment gap on commonwealth, their resume, and such periods of Marijuana Should Essay joblessness are usually the result of a series of games india unfortunate events. This problem was much bigger during the global economic crisis a few years back, but the effects of this event still remain on many resumes. If you have a work gap on Should be Legalized, your resume, know that it is not the end of the commonwealth world and that you are not alone on this front – how you mitigate this blip on your resume will be more important to MBA programs than the gap itself – however, don’t completely ignore this issue altogether. Do not treat a gap in employment as something that will not be a concern for Sexuality with Essay the Admissions Committee. At the very least, if it is a material employment gap, this issue should be addressed in commonwealth games the optional essay. As with most topics you discuss in your optional essay, your explanation and clarification of the employment gap should be concise and to the point. Admissions Committees are not looking for a long-winded string of cell fluid mosaic excuses here – be direct, take ownership of the incident, and identify lessons you learned from it, if appropriate. Another way to confront an employment gap is games india, through one of the more traditional MBA application essays. Robert Woods. If the reason behind the gap or the results of the gap have had a profound impact on your life or career (and it makes sense given the essay prompt), it may be appropriate to take a deeper dive into your situation. A full-blown response like this requires a more nuanced degree of thoughtfulness, so it will be key to games india, do some self-reflection and really identify the underpinnings of perspective example your employment gap. The business school interview represents another area where your employment gap can be addressed by a member of the Admissions Committee.

This is probably the most direct way your employment gap will be explored. Keep your explanation simple and india, avoid making excuses or blaming others. A major mistake many in this position make is disparaging an old employer or an ex-boss. This may actually come across as unprofessional and retailers, it generally leaves a bad impression on the interviewer. Do not let a past employment gap set the tone for your future success at business school. Be prepared to address your history, and take ownership of it in a way that positions yourself for commonwealth games success in the MBA application process. Applying to business school? Call us at 1-800-925-7737 and speak with an MBA admissions expert today, or take our free MBA Admissions Profile Evaluation for personalized advice for your unique application situation! As always, be sure to find us on Facebook , YouTube , Google+ and Twitter . Dozie A. is a Veritas Prep Head Consultant for robert frost woods poem the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His specialties include consulting, marketing, and low GPA/GMAT applicants. Commonwealth Games. You can read more articles by him here . Common Traits of SAT Writing Prompts and How to Best Prepare.

On the optional SAT Essay section, you have 50 minutes to be Legalized Essay, analyze the argument an author puts forth in a passage. The content of the given passage remains a secret until you see it on test day, but you do have an opportunity to commonwealth games, learn about SAT Essay prompts as you prep for the test. Studying the elements of SAT writing prompts can help you lay the groundwork for a stellar essay. Elements of the SAT Essay Prompt. All of the optional SAT Essay prompts adhere to the same basic template. First, the prompt instructs you to consider how the author of the passage uses evidence (examples or facts) to support their claims. Secondly, you’re asked to consider the author’s idea development as well as how they connect their claims with evidence.

Third, you must consider the author’s use of elements such as their word choice to enhance their ideas. Though these are the basic elements of Should all SAT writing prompts, the passages vary from one exam to games india, the next. What to Expect in the Passage Given for the SAT Essay. The practice Essay prompts that are available reveal some of Marijuana Essay what to expect on the actual test. For example, one practice prompt may ask you to analyze a portion of india a speech made by Martin Luther King Jr. on the injustice of the Vietnam War. Another may be a prompt connected to a passage from a book written by President Jimmy Carter, asking you to functionalist perspective, analyze his argument against the industrial development of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Other passages available for students to use to practice their writing skills before taking the SAT are pieces written by contemporary authors such as Paul Bogard and games, Eliana Dockterman. But keep in mind that when responding to Reconciling, every SAT Essay prompt, the content of the passage is not as important as the quality of the author’s argument. Preparing to Write Your Essay.

The best way to prepare for the new SAT Essay is to practice writing essays with sample SAT writing prompts in mind. Also, get into the habit of jotting down notes as you read the india passage. These notes can help you to Henry V Presented in the, include evidence that supports your analysis of the author’s argument. Creating an outline before writing your practice essay is another effective way to prepare for commonwealth games india this task. The typical outline features four parts: an introductory paragraph that includes your thesis sentence, a paragraph offering specific examples that support your thesis, a third paragraph covering details of how these examples support your thesis, and a concluding paragraph restating your thesis.

Dedicating several minutes to creating an Essay Henry V Presented in the Play? outline for your essay is worth your effort. Commonwealth Games. If you happen to lose your train of thought while writing the actual essay, you can look at your outline to get back on track. The Ingredients in a High-Scoring SAT Essay. In addition to studying the membrane mosaic available SAT Essay prompts, it’s a smart idea to read several essays that received high scores. The new SAT Essay rubric reveals the india specific features an essay must have in order to earn a high score. Write your essay using a practice prompt, then evaluate your piece using the Essay on rubric to get an idea of how you would have scored.

By doing this, you can determine what needs to be put into and left out of your essay in order to earn a high score. Want to practice with the commonwealth games india best? The SAT instructors at membrane fluid Veritas Prep are experts at crafting high-scoring essays. We hire tutors who scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT, so you’ll have access to india, teachers who know tips and tricks to simplify the essay-writing process. We’ll critique your practice essays and provide you with strategies for Should be Legalized Essay crafting a solid analysis of the passage. We also offer free tutorials to give you an idea of how we can help you prepare for the SAT Essay section as well as all other parts of the test. And when you sign up with Veritas Prep, you can take advantage of commonwealth games india either online or in-person courses for your convenience. Give us a call and let our instructors give you the advantage on the new SAT Essay section!

Why Are Some Schools No Longer Requiring Students to Complete the Optional SAT and ACT Essays? Today’s high school student has the choice of be Legalized either writing or skipping the essay on both the ACT and the SAT. Though many colleges don’t require students to submit an essay score , there are some that still do. This leaves many students wondering whether they should write the optional essay for the ACT and/or the SAT. It’s a good idea for students to find out if a college they are interested in requires an essay score for either of these two tests.

This brings up the question: Why do some colleges require SAT and/or ACT essay scores while others don’t? Take a look at the reasons why many colleges consider the SAT and commonwealth games, ACT essays optional for all of their applicants: Focusing on Other Scores. Some school officials feel that the scores on other sections of the ACT and SAT serve to adequately represent a student’s suitability for college. Essay On Henry In The Play?. For instance, a college may focus on a student’s scores in the Reading and Writing and commonwealth games, Language sections of the SAT – the Writing and Language section tests skills such as command of How is in the evidence, the proper use of words in context, and expression of ideas. Though a student isn’t actually writing in these sections, their answers can indicate an understanding of these skills. Furthermore, college admissions officials can look at the subscores for these sections to get an idea of games india a student’s specific skills. Other college officials get a clear picture of a student’s skills by looking at their scores on Essay on Henry V Presented Play?, the Reading and English sections of the ACT. With all of commonwealth games india these other scores at their fingertips, many college officials don’t see the need for on How is an essay score on standardized tests. Many colleges consider the games india SAT and ACT essays optional because they prefer to focus on a student’s admissions essay.

There are some colleges that prefer to set the frost poem topic for the essay instead of leaving it to the discretion of the SAT or ACT. They like to have control over what their applicants are writing about as well as the number of words they use. Furthermore, they want to give their applicants as much time as they need to craft their essays before turning them in commonwealth india with their applications. Consequently, students don’t have the Reconciling with Spirituality Essay added stress of finishing an commonwealth games india essay within an allotted amount of time. School officials feel they can get a good indication of a student’s knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure, creativity, and ability to express ideas by Reconciling Spirituality evaluating the person’s admissions essay. They don’t see the commonwealth games need to factor a second essay into their decision. High School Literature and English Classes.

Other school officials believe that looking at a high school student’s grades in English and Literature gives them enough information to determine whether the applicant would be a good fit at the college. They can see whether a student has taken on the challenge of increasingly difficult courses over their high school career. Example. In addition, if a student has taken honors English classes throughout high school, that is a definite sign of someone with excellent reading and writing abilities. These colleges feel that they get a better indication of a student’s skills by commonwealth games india looking at their coursework over a long period of robert frost time. Awards, Honors, and Recognition for Writing. Often, colleges that don’t require students to do the essay on the ACT or the SAT look at whether a student earned any writing awards or honors during high school. For instance, one student’s application may note that they were recognized by a literary magazine for a poem they wrote. Another student may have received recognition from their school for commonwealth games india an editorial they wrote for the local newspaper. Prizes and honors for writing endeavors can help convince college officials of a student’s writing abilities.

At Veritas Prep, our professional instructors show students how to sharpen their essay-writing skills as well as prep for every other portion of the robert woods SAT and the ACT . We hire instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on both tests because we want our students to learn from the commonwealth games very best teachers! Our students have access to test-taking strategies that can simplify every question on both the ACT and the SAT. Contact Veritas Prep today and tell us how we can help you get into the college of your dreams. Early Thoughts on UNC Kenan-Flagler’s 2016-2017 Application Essay Question. Application season at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School is robert frost woods poem, officially underway with the commonwealth games india release of the school’s 2016-2017 application essay questions.

Let’s discuss from a high level some early thoughts on how best to approach this year’s essay prompts: Essay 1 : Please describe your short and long term goals post-MBA. Explain how your professional experience has shaped these goals; why this career option appeals to you; and how you arrived at the decision that now is the time and the MBA is the appropriate degree? (500 words) This is a very involved career goals essay, so you’ll want to make sure you compartmentalize each component of the prompt to poem, ensure you are properly answering the question. 500 words is generally seen as a lengthy word count among the essays of other top business schools this year, but with all of the commonwealth components in this essay, it is Essay on Henry, critical to stay concise with your response and games india, move things along. Addressing your response to with Essay, this prompt via a relevant story that captures your passion for your desired career path is a great way to stand out while still informing the commonwealth games india Admissions Committee of your post-MBA goals. What personal qualities or life experiences distinguish you from other applicants?

How do these qualities or experiences equip you to contribute to functionalist perspective example, UNC Kenan-Flagler? (300 words) These questions can be difficult for many candidates to answer, but for an MBA application, candidates must be unafraid to highlight what makes them truly unique. Remember, unless you say it, the Admissions Committee will never know, so don’t be bashful here. Focus on the “distinguish” aspect of the prompt to highlight not only games, what makes you unique, but also what you could potentially bring to campus. Try to avoid basic responses here – dig deep to think through your personal and professional strengths and robert woods poem, connect them to UNC student life and what you could contribute to commonwealth games, the Kenan-Flagler community. If your standardized test scores are low, or if you have not had coursework in core business subjects (calculus, microeconomics, statistics, financial accounting), please tell us how you plan to prepare yourself for Reconciling with the quantitative rigor of the MBA curriculum (300 words) Only answer this question if you realistically fall into this bucket. Commonwealth Games. If your GMAT score is materially lower than the average score listed for Kenan-Flagler students, then the school would probably define you as a “low test score” recipient. If you have worked in an analytical function or plan to take pre-MBA coursework, this essay would be a good opportunity to highlight these aspects of your profile to address the potential red flag of your score. Is there any other information you would like to share that is not presented elsewhere in the application? (300 words) This is a more traditional optional essay, so only use it if it feels absolutely necessary (given that the school already has a few outlets to address typical optional essay topics).

This essay tends to be a good area to show an Marijuana Essay aspect of games india your personality, passion, perspective or professional career that has not been discussed otherwise in your application. Just a few thoughts on functionalist example, the new batch of essays from Kenan-Flagler that should help you get started for this admissions season. Applying to commonwealth, UNC or other business schools? Call us at 1-800-925-7737 and speak with an MBA admissions expert today, or take our free MBA Admissions Profile Evaluation for robert poem personalized advice for india your unique application situation! As always, be sure to find us on Facebook , YouTube , Google+ and Twitter . Dozie A. is retailers ltd, a Veritas Prep Head Consultant for the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His specialties include consulting, marketing, and low GPA/GMAT applicants. Games. You can read more articles by him here . GMAT® is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council™. The Graduate Management Admission Council™ does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this web site. Myers-Briggs® and the Myers-Briggs logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Essay on Henry in the Myers Briggs Foundation, Inc., in commonwealth the United States and other countries. All contents copyright 2001-2017 Veritas, LLC.

All rights reserved. GMAT® is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council™.

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5 Tips to position yourself for Ivy League Masters. Nipun Dave is currently studying Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. He is Cofounder and the technical head at two startups including a successful one which is presently developing a product for a renowned Indian bank. He is games also the Convener of the U. Mashruwalla Innovation Cell (UMIC) at IIT Bombay. Nipun has secured admission for MS at Stanford from Fall 2009. In an exclusive interview with MentorPolis, Nipun shares his secrets for admission in Ivy League for Masters. Mentorpolis: Nipun, first of all congratulations for robert poem, your great success. Games! Can you share with us what stream are you going to study at Stanford? Nipun: Thanks for woods, your wishes. I am planning to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering at Stanford.

Having done a bit of commonwealth games india robotics, signal processing and membrane fluid mosaic data-security in the past, I will be open to exploring some of the other fields like wireless communications or Artificial Intelligence. Mentorpolis: What were your other options after Graduation, and why did you choose a MS? Why Stanford? Nipun: Some of my other options included joining Cisco or iRunway (a law firm) or Nokia (which has been funding my research at IIT Bombay) or continuing to work in my startup in mobile banking. I could also have pursued a PhD at EPFL from where I had received an invitation during my internship.

However, the state-of-the art research and facilities coupled with an entrepreneurial environment made me feel that this would be the best possible atmosphere where I could enhance my knowledge and games skills to a greater extent. I have presently opted for only MS and not a PhD as I would like to establish a startup of frost woods poem my own quickly. The MS option gives me the opportunity to explore the life there and to reevaluate my future plans without being restricted by a 4 year long PhD. Mentorpolis: So, Nipun, How and When during your UG did you decide about your decision to study further? Nipun: During my stay in IIT, I did pursue active research in various fields. Commonwealth India! At the same time, I was also working in on V Presented 2 startups. With each of the two alternatives seeming equally appealing, I had been in a fix for the first 4 years here. Commonwealth! The discussions with peers and seniors revealed the advantages and disadvantages of entering either domains. In the end, the external factors viz. the recession in cell membrane fluid the global market played a primarily role in my deciding to pursue higher education at this stage.

Besides, the fact that the looming recession would create a better opportunity for commonwealth games, the establishment of poem new technical startups in the future contributed to the same. India! I am planning to evaluate and explore some of my entrepreneurial ideas while interacting with others at functionalist example Stanford. Mentorpolis: Can you tell us about the Application Procedure, and the different components of the application? Nipun: The Applications process involves the games following steps: Interact with your seniors and robert woods poem go through the university websites briefly to identify the games india potential universities that you might like to get into. These options could be filled in during the GRE and TOEFL exams. Give the GRE exam. With Spirituality Essay! (My recommendation would be that people who are inclined to go for higher studies give the commonwealth games GRE exam at least 6 months before they are actually begin their application process. This allows for some time cushion in case the scores are not that great.) Give the TOEFL exam at least 2 months before the beginning of the Essay on V Presented Play? application process. Browse through the university websites in greater detail with a lot of emphasis on the research work and the facilities available in games each of the on How is V Presented Play? institutes. Discuss the options with your project guides, mentors, sensible seniors who would give you an unbiased opinion about each of the universities. In case one is looking at india pursuing higher studies in Henry in the other countries apart from US, do identify the job opportunities available after graduation.

Simultaneously note down the admission requirements and the deadlines for each of the universities. Identify at least 1 professor under whom you have a significant amount of project work for the purpose of a very strong recommendation. The other two recommendations could be from other profs in whose courses you might have excelled or under who guidance you must have done some additional project work. One of them could also be from games india your supervisor at the company where you interned or from one of the mentors of the startup you might have worked in. It is extremely essential to Reconciling Essay have two strong recommendation letters. Also do enquire with your recommenders if they could write a strong and commonwealth games positive recommendation for you. Start filling the forms at least 3 months before the actual submission deadline. Simultaneously start preparing your resume, statement of purpose and any other essays that might be required. At least a month should be given so that your thoughts and passion can effectively percolate through your SOP. How Is Henry V Presented In The Play?! Get it read by not only your seniors but also by students studying in those universities as they have a better idea of what is expected in games india the SOP.

Once all the requirements are ready, complete the functionalist perspective online form and also courier the documents. To avoid the last minute rush, plan to finish this well before your semester exams begin. Also send reminders to commonwealth games india your recommenders that they should fill in the recommendation forms online. Periodically check the account setup for the admission process to verify if any of the documents are missing and if they recommenders have done their job. Also try to establish a healthy conversation with the cell membrane mosaic professors under whom you would really love to work at each of commonwealth india those universities. However, if the professors do not respond it is still fine. Mentorpolis: If there are 5 tips which you would want to Sexuality with Essay share with our mentees about commonwealth india positioning for an IVY league Masters, what would those be?

Follow your Passion: Go wherever your heart leads you rather than what others tell you. Functionalist Perspective! Your passion will bring out the best in you. India! Consistent Academic Performance: One must have a consistently excellent academic performance in the universities especially in the core courses. Broaden your horizons: The world has evolved to a stage where people who are Jack of all trades and Master of at least one are preferred. Apart from delving deeper into your field on with Essay, interest, explore the other disjoint fields too. With the increasing convergence in various fields, newer opportunities might present themselves only to those who are alert. Express yourself and india your achievements: This is unfortunately something that most people are not comfortable with. Poem! The amount of work one might have done has no value unless they are able to convey it to others. This particular quality really comes out in commonwealth india your SOPs and the other essays and hence it is critical to develop this particular quality.

Research Papers: This definitely has a tremendous impact on your application. The preference order from the point of an application is Papers in Transactions, Journal Papers, International Conferences and Should be Legalized finally National conferences. Mentorpolis: I hear there are many misconceptions among applicants with regards to minimum GRE scores, etc? Nipun: Some of the prevalent misconceptions are that the applicants should have at least 1400 to get into the Ivy League universities. It is important to remember especially with respect to GRE it is just one measure of commonwealth your intellectual capabilities. There are lots of other stronger measures which includes the academic performance, research work, recommendation letters , SOP etc. The same applies to TOEFL. However, some universities set some minimum limit for the TOEFL scores for students who might be interested in robert woods poem taking up a Teaching Assistantship. It is not vital for one to have done a lot of research work in india the field that you are planning to pursue higher studies in.

Whats more important is that you have excelled in whatever other activity you might have taken up. However, it is essential to give convincing reasons for changing to the new field. Mentorpolis: Nipun, can you also share your plan after your Stanford Education? Nipun: My plans after graduating from Stanford are quite hazy presently. However, I am sure that I would like to establish some technology based company in the future in perspective some field. I am keeping myself mentally open to all possible options and I am planning to ensure that the games india future does not surprise me too much. Perspective! Mentorpolis: It was great talking to you Nipun- thanks a lot from india us and our readers.

I am sure this interview will be a great help to future applicants.

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CAREER SERVICES | More than job searches. Baker University’s Career Services is games here to help you with more than job searches. Check out the other services we provide: FOCUS is a self-paced, online career guidance tool used to assist you in self-assessment and career exploration. • Access code for first-time users: trumpet. Come to poem, Career Services in the Long Student Center, and we’ll instruct you on the test-taking process. Looks at individual strengths, aptitude and characteristics and games india matches students to with potential majors and occupations. Valuable for identifying personal strengths. Perspective Example? Learn about yourself and your strengths to determine a major and find the games, perfect career.

Research any major that interests you. “What Can I Do With This Major” provides information on common career areas for specific majors, typical employers that hire in these fields and strategies to maximize career opportunities. Explore multiple majors to Reconciling Sexuality with Spirituality, learn about a wide range of career opportunities. Director of Career Services | 785.594.8435. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from University of North Texas and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Career Counseling from the University of Missouri. Susan has corporate recruiting experience and has been the director of Career Services at Baker University since 2003.

“My best days are those where I help students identify and claim their career aspirations and dreams. Then we create and implement practical avenues to reach those goals through internships, alumni, and corporate relationships.” Contact Career Services at 785.594.8435 to set up an appointment. You also can drop by our offices on the second floor of the Long Student Center. What Are the Benefits of an games india, Internship?

An internship enables a student to woods, integrate on-campus academic study with off-campus work experience. It gives the student a chance to explore career choices and make more informed decisions about career goals. An internship allows the india, student an opportunity to gain practical experience through on-the-job challenges and opportunities by be Legalized blending knowledge gained from academic studies with real-world applications. Commonwealth? Internships enhance a student’s marketability. View the steps you should complete in order to be prepared for a successful internship. Remember: Before submitting it to Marijuana Should Essay, Career Services, am Internship Agreement must be completed and signed by the following: 1. Enroll for an internship during the appropriate enrollment period with the Office of the Registrar. 2. Visit with Career Services to do the commonwealth, following: Prepare a resume and have it approved. Prepare sample questions for your internship interviews and possibly do a mock interview. Obtain additional employer contacts.

Internship leads come from many sources including Career Services vacancy listings and contact information, career fairs, on-campus interviews, faculty, friends, and alumni. 3. Visit with faculty internship sponsor to do the following: Request their sponsorship of your internship. Design an academic project. Complete the faculty portion of the Internship Agreement (Learning Objectives).

4. Visit with potential employers to do the following: Request internship information. Interview for an internship. Cell? Establish employer’s job description, goals, and expectations. Negotiate offers and have employer complete and sign employer sections of the Internship Agreement.

The internship experience should be related to the student’s academic area and cannot be a work position that he or she has previously held. India? Students are not allowed to participate in an internship with a relative acting as his or her supervisor. To be eligible for the Internship, a student must be at least a sophomore (completed 30 credit hours or more). NOTE: All internships are taken on a pass/no credit basis — not for a letter grade. An internship may be taken during the summer, fall, or spring semester, or during interterm (see your advisor regarding interterm internship requirements). Variable credit is given, with the standard being 1 academic credit for 40 working contact hours.

Students may gain up to new look, 12 credits during their undergraduate years at games Baker University through the College of Arts of Sciences and the School of Should be Legalized Education undergraduate program. The faculty sponsor and the student will determine the number of credit hours after a design of the academic project is commonwealth complete. During the fall or spring semester, internships are part of a student’s regular course load. During the summer, students enroll in the appropriate number of credit hours at a reduced tuition cost of $200 per hour (up to 3 hours). Students are responsible for the corresponding per-credit-hour tuition cost. BOOK Participants Report Greater Satisfaction With Their Internship Experience. In this optional, above-and-beyond effort, interns interview managers, department heads and even CEOs, asking questions that impress employers and intensify their learning experience. Interns look deeper into Reconciling Sexuality with Essay, the organization and research the history, mission, and structure of the company.

Once the internship is completed, students create and present a PowerPoint report to judges who are professionals and alumni in the community. A cash award is given to commonwealth, the winner. “Our hope is to build the BOOK program so it becomes an integral part of Baker’s experiential learning,” says Kevin McCarthy, chair of the Business and Economics Department. “An internship alone no longer distinguishes a college graduate from other job candidates. However, the BOOK program does have that potential.” All Baker interns are encouraged to participate in the BOOK competition. Recent winners have majored in computer science, biology, psychology, communication and business. For more information, contact Susan Wade Career Services director. How can I find out about the grad school programs out there? Can I earn a graduate degree from Baker University? Where can I find testing information?

Research graduate programs. Review books about graduate school. Essay On Henry Play?? Talk to your adviser and favorite professors about graduate school. Register to take standardized graduate admissions test for your field. Contemplate key people to ask to write letters of games recommendation. Finalize list of graduate programs and request application materials. Begin to research forms for financial aid and assistance. Take standardized admissions tests.

Begin drafting personal statement and essays required of graduate programs. Complete applications forms. Request all transcripts be sent to Marijuana be Legalized, graduate schools. Ask for letters of commonwealth india recommendation or distribute recommendation forms. Set up an APPOINTMENT at least three weeks in advance with professor/faculty you would like to example, write a recommendation. Commonwealth? At that meeting, provide them with the following: Your resume.

A stamped/addressed envelope(s) to each school you’d like them to send their letter to. Details on the school(s) you’re applying to Essay on How is in the, and why you are interested. Commonwealth Games India? Follow up with the professor/faculty in two weeks to make sure everything is completed. Finalize personal statements and essays tailored to each graduate program after getting feedback on ltd them from Career Services, your adviser, professors and key professionals. Mail completed applications, only india after carefully proofreading all materials. Follow up with all graduate programs to make sure your application is complete. Consider visiting your top graduate school choices . Notify each graduate program that accepted you of your intentions. Post your resume and robert search for games, jobs—all for free. CollegeCentral Network is a valuable resource for Baker University job seekers. Search for Sexuality with Essay, jobs on one of the many online job search websites.

Although this list is not exhaustive, it will definitely start you out in the right direction. With employment opportunities in almost every field imaginable, the federal government provides options. Search for jobs on the USA Jobs Website and read the information below regarding applying for a government job. Helping Job Seekers Land Federal Government Jobs. With nearly one-third of all federal employees (nearly 1.9 million employees) eligible to retire in commonwealth, the next four years and Sexuality with Spirituality Essay new federal jobs being created as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the commonwealth games india, federal government is looking to perspective, hire a significant number of people. Brooke Bohnet, associate manager for education and outreach with the Partnership for Public Service (PPS), offers the following tips for landing a job with the federal government: Plan ahead—The application process itself can take time. To improve a your chances of getting a job, allow plenty of time to thoroughly complete the application.

Select carefully—Applications tailored for specific jobs that are a good match for your skills and india talents will be more successful than sending out a standard resume for many jobs. Read about building your federal resume and how to determine whether you are a good fit for a job, before you apply. Prepare for a wait—It can take weeks to cell mosaic, months before you will hear back about commonwealth india, your application, and during this time there may be little or no communication from the agency. Every federal job requires a background check before the Essay, agency can make a job offer. If the position is games related to How is V Presented, national security, you will be instructed to complete the security clearance process once you receive an games india, offer. Apply for example, positions without security clearances about four months before their start date and six to eight months in advance for national security related positions. Follow up with the agency—Contact the identified representative to learn the status of your application or to find out more about a job about a month after the commonwealth, closing date or, if the Essay, closing date is extended, about a month after you turned in commonwealth games india, your application. The Partnership for Should Essay, Public Service’s Web site——offers a variety of information on federal job and internship opportunities, as well as resources to help job seekers understand where jobs are in government that fit their needs and interests and tools to help them navigate the commonwealth, federal application process. “We also encourage career services professionals and job seekers alike to Sexuality with Spirituality Essay, visit the Web sites of games india individual federal agencies to learn more about robert frost, specific agencies that they may be interested in applying to/working for,” says Bohnet. To find job openings, Bohnet advises job seekers to visit the federal government job Web site— Jobs with the federal government are attractive because of competitive salaries, a solid benefits package, meaningful and challenging work, and opportunities for advancement and professional development. (For more details, go to and click on Why Federal Service.) Still, most job seekers don’t know that these positions are available across the country and across the commonwealth games india, industry spectrum.

“More than 84 percent are not in the metro D.C. area,” Bohnet notes. “Also, there are federal jobs available for new look retailers, virtually all backgrounds and interests, from architects to zoologists and everything in between.” Bohnet says that the lack of jobs in other sectors of the economy has certainly made government an india, attractive option, but the economy alone is not driving increased interest in federal jobs. “President Obama’s call to service has also been a factor in getting more young people to consider job opportunities with the federal government,” she explains, “as has increased focus on the federal government as a solution to some of our nation’s most pressing issues.” At Least One Month Before the Career Fair. Visit Career Services to learn about resumes and have yours professionally reviewed. Obtain a list of the companies participating in the career fair so you will know how many resumes to bring.

Buy a quality portfolio to keep your resume straight and easy to robert frost woods, retrieve. Review the list of participating employers for the career fair. Make a list of employers you definitely want to meet, and create a list of maybes in case you have extra time at the fair. Don’t pass up an employer because you already think you know what they’re looking for – you may miss out on an opportunity. Surf the Internet or visit Career Services to learn basic information on each company that interests you – find out games india, what each company specifically needs. This research will help you know how to best sell your skills to each specific company. Employers are busy at on How is career fairs and need to evaluate you in a short amount of time. During your commercial accomplish the following:

Introduce yourself by providing your name, major and university. Using the research you’ve done, explain your interest in the organization. Relate your history and skill set to india, the employer’s specific needs. Mention relevant experience you’ve had, such as internships, jobs, leadership experiences. Practice your commercial numerous times. Try it out on a Career Services staff member. Recruiters at retailers ltd the fair will ask questions like the commonwealth india, following: What kind of work are you looking for? What strengths and skills can you offer our company? Why do you want to work for new look ltd, our company?

Prepare professional responses to these questions. India? Ask questions of the recruiter as well to impress them with your serious interest. Ask about specific job responsibilities. Ask how the position fits into the overall organization. Cell? Ask how you can learn about company openings and games india opportunities in Should Essay, the future. You will be judged by the first impression you make – appearance counts! Dress professionally.

Suits are suggested for both men and women. Be classic rather than trendy. Skirt suits are fine, but watch hemlines. Be conservative – go light on makeup, jewelry, funky hair and especially cologne or perfume. Wear professional, but comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet all day.

Check in at the registration table and get a name tag. Obtain a list of participating employers and a map of the booths if possible. Take care of games last-minute appearance touch-ups. Most students don’t make the most of career fairs because they visit too few employer tables. If an How is Henry V Presented, employer is not advertising an opening in your area, ask them for the name of commonwealth india someone in their company who works in the department or area in which you’re interested. Call or send a resume to this new contact. New Look Retailers? Long lines will abound, so make the most of your time and visit other employers while you wait for commonwealth games, some lines to shorten. Keep in mind you will only be speaking with each employer for three to five minutes. Approach Each Employer With Confidence. Listen while you’re standing in on How is Henry, lines – you can learn a lot about the company and available positions by listening to what is being said to people in front of you.

As you approach the recruiter, make good eye contact, smile and commonwealth games india give them a firm handshake. Introduce yourself with your 30-second commercial. Be professional at on Henry V Presented ALL times. Explain why you are interested in the company. Games India? Sell your skills and interests. Functionalist Perspective? Be enthusiastic about the company – SMILE. Focus on what you have to offer the company, not what they can do for you. Always ask for commonwealth games, a business card so you can follow up. If the frost woods poem, recruiter doesn’t have a card, write down the correct spelling of his or her name, title, address, phone number and commonwealth games email address. Should Be Legalized? Ask the recruiter the commonwealth games, best way to follow up to learn about current opportunities.

Take any available company literature and immediately make notes about the conversation you had with the recruiter. Within three days, write a separate letter or email to each employer you visited, thanking them for their time – you’ll be sure to stand out because many students don’t take the new look retailers, time to do this. Commonwealth Games? Written letters should be printed on quality stationary. Thank the recruiter for the information he or she provided (BONUS POINTS – use the notes you took to mention specific things you enjoyed speaking with them about). Restate your skills and qualifications and request an interview.

Be Persistent in Following Up With Employers. Your resume will serve as a reminder of your qualifications, but don’t rely on the recruiter to contact you after the functionalist perspective, fair. Identify specific positions you would like to learn more about, and contact the employer by phone within two weeks of the commonwealth games, fair. Initiative is impressive – it’s key to obtaining an offer from a career fair employer. Be professional, enthusiastic and confident at ALL times.

The person you meet in the bathroom may be a recruiter you see later in Marijuana Should be Legalized Essay, the day! Explore every company that catches your interest. Take breaks – you’ll need them! Make notes about each visit immediately after speaking with a recruiter. Focus on what you can bring to the company. Spend as much time as you need at the career fair – don’t rush. Immediately give your resume to commonwealth games, an employer in lieu of introducing yourself. Chew gum. Expect the recruiter to control the conversation. Hang out with friends where employers can watch you.

Ask about salary – let the membrane fluid, recruiter bring it up. Bring friends or family to the fair with you. Hesitate to strike up conversations – recruiters are eager to meet you! Some of the most valuable things parents can do to help a student with career planning are to be open to ideas, try to help your student find information and reserve judgement. Here are some ways you can help: Encourage your child to visit Career Services. Reassure your student that Career Services is not just for seniors, and meeting with a career counselor can take place at commonwealth games any point (and should take place frequently) in functionalist example, his or her college career. India? Advise your student to write a resume. Example? Suggest your student get sample resumes from commonwealth Career Services. Functionalist Example? You can review resume drafts, but recommend that the final product be critiqued by Career Services. Games India? Challenge your student to become occupationally literate.

Encourage him or her to research a variety of Marijuana interesting career fields and employers. Allow your student to make the decision. It’s okay to make suggestions about india, majors and robert poem career fields, but let your student be the ultimate judge of what’s best. Emphasize the importance of internships. Having relevant experience in the job market is critical.

A strong recommendation from an internship supervisor can often tip the scale of an important interview in that applicant’s favor. Commonwealth Games? Encourage extracurricular involvement. Part of functionalist perspective example experiencing college life is to be involved and commonwealth active outside the classroom. Robert Frost Poem? Interpersonal and leadership skills—qualities valued by employers—are often developed in extracurricular activities. Teach the value of networking. Introduce your student to people who have the careers or jobs that are of commonwealth games india interest. Encourage your student to with Spirituality, shadow someone in the workplace to increase awareness of interesting career fields. Help Career Services.

If your company hires interns, make sure the internships listed in Career Services. What to Expect for Your Student’s Freshman Year. Your student will be involved in assessing his interests and abilities. They will do this through finding success (or failure) in courses they take, involvement in campus activities, and being exposed to new ideas and experiences. Commonwealth? Here’s what you can do to help: Support your student’s interest in with Spirituality, exploring new areas of study. Remind your student of the areas of games india ability that he or she has demonstrated consistently. Talk with your student about the courses and activities he or she is enjoying.

Support your student’s involvement in campus activities but urge them to perspective, balance them with his or her coursework. What to india, Expect for retailers, Your Student’s Sophomore Year. During the games, sophomore year, students begin to explore majors and new look ltd career options more seriously. What’s your role in your student’s sophomore year? Don’t insist upon a decision about a major or possible career choice immediately. Urge your student to seek assistance from the Career Services. Suggest that your student talk with faculty and commonwealth career advisers about potential choices. Essay How Is V Presented In The? Don’t worry if your student chooses to major in something you consider “impractical.” Liberal arts studies sharpen skills which are critical to the “package” employers are seeking: strong written and oral communication skills, problem-solving skills, and excellent research skills. Suggest your student learn a foreign language and develop computer skills.

Both of these skills will be helpful in commonwealth games india, today’s market, no matter what career field your student chooses. Direct your student to family friends, or colleagues who are in fields your student is interested in. Informational interviewing is membrane mosaic extremely helpful at this stage. Career Services offers events throughout the year where current Baker students can learn more about career fields from recent Baker alumni and commonwealth india employers. What to Expect for Your Student’s Junior Year. At this point, it is important for students to experiment with possible career options. This is a critical time for your support. Marijuana Essay? Here’s what you can do: Encourage your student to use the resources available at Career Services. We can assist your student in preparing a good resume and assist him or her in finding opportunities to commonwealth games india, test his or her career choice. Emphasize to your student the importance of retailers ltd gaining exposure and experience in his or her field of interest.

Internships in some very competitive fields may be nonpaying. Discuss your financial expectations with your student before an Internship commitment is made. Don’t conduct the internship or summer job search for your student. It’s great to provide names of people who may be helpful, but making contact for your student deprives them of an important learning experience and makes a poor impression on india the future employer. What to Expect for Your Student’s Senior Year. The senior year is a time when your student will be heavily involved in more advanced courses and have more responsible roles in functionalist perspective, campus activities. This is also the time your student will begin his or her job search. Here are some ways you can lend support:

Suggest that your student visit Career Services. We will be offering mock interviews, workshops, on-campus interviews, and information on local job fairs. Don’t call potential employers to intervene for your student. This is your student’s responsibility. Be prepared for india, the ups and downs of the job and Marijuana graduate school search. Commonwealth? Not every desired job or acceptance will come through. Baker University’s Career Services is here to help you, even after graduation. Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay? Career Services can assist you with the following: Interest and strength inventories Resume writing Career fairs Job search Grad school info and applications Credential files Interview prep. Contact Career Services to set up an appointment. Or drop by our offices on the second floor of Harter Union.

Does your place of business have job openings or internship opportunities? Know of anyone who would like to speak with Baker students or who could be a valuable career mentor? Let us know! The Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation. School of Education Undergraduates. The 2015-2016 Graduate Survey Report is based on commonwealth games information reported within six months of graduation by cell membrane 137 of the 150 graduates, which constitutes 91.3% of the graduating class. Of the 137 graduates that survey information was collected on, 99% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions. 17.5% (24) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools. 74.5% (102) are employed in full-time positions.

7.3% (10) are both employed and continuing their education. Less than 1% (1) is seeking full-time employment. Fro m the respondents’ information, 16 professional and commonwealth games graduate school programs accepted 2015-2016 Baker University graduates. The universities accepting graduates include Baker University, Creighton University, Emporia State University, Gonzaga University, Marquette University School of Law, South Dakota School of Should be Legalized Mines and Technology, Texas Women’s Univer sity, University of games india Central Missouri, University of Indianapolis, University of fluid Kansas, University of games india Kansas School of Pharmacy, University of Missouri at Kansas City, University of Nebraska College of Law, University of Wyoming, Washburn University School of Law, and Essay How is V Presented Western Illinois University. A sampling of employers hiring 2015-2016 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education graduates includes BKD, Black Veatch, Cerner Corp., Disney Corp., FDIC, Grant Thornton, Kiewit, KPMG, Lockton, O ncimmune, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, St. Luke’s Health System, Sporting KC, State Street, and U.S. Commonwealth? Bureau of Labor Statistics. College of cell mosaic Arts Sciences 2014-2015 Graduates. The 2014-2015 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of commonwealth graduation by 132 of the 149 graduates, which constitutes 88.5% of the graduating class. Of the 132 graduates that survey information was collected for, 99% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 19.6% (26) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools.

77% (103) are employed in full-time positions. 1.5% (2) are both employed and on How is Henry V Presented in the Play? continuing their education (also included in the statistics above). Less than 1% (1) is seeking full-time employment. From the respondents’ information, 16 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2014-2015 Baker University graduates. A sampling of the commonwealth india, universities accepting graduates include Emporia State University, Kansas State University, Rockhurst University, University of Colorado at robert frost woods poem Boulder, University of Kansas, University of commonwealth Kansas Pharmacy School, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Missouri at Reconciling Sexuality Spirituality Kansas City, University of North Texas, University of Northern Colorado, University of St. Mary, University of Texas at Austin, Washburn University School of Law, Western Illinois University, Wichita State University, and Baker University. A sampling of employers hiring 2014-2015 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Payless Shoe Source, Kiewit, Westar Energy, Morgan Stanley, Target Corp., Ericsson, Lexmark-Perceptive Software, Cerner Corp., Teach for America, Johnson County Government, State of Texas, and United Excel.

College of Arts Sciences 2013-2014 Graduates. The 2013-2014 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by 147 of the games india, 167 graduates, which constitutes 88% of the graduating class. Of the 147 graduates that survey information was collected for, 98.6% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 23% (34) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools 75.5% (111) are employed in full-time positions 4.8% (7) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in the statistics above) Less than 1% (1) is seeking full-time employment Less than 1% (1) is neither employed nor seeking full-time employment or continuing education. From the respondents’ information, 20 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2013-2014 Baker University graduates. Cell Membrane Fluid Mosaic? A sampling of the universities accepting graduates include Georgia Tech University, Kansas State University, Marquette University, St. Louis University, Texas AM University, University of commonwealth games india Aberdeen in Scotland, University of Arkansas, University of Kansas, University of Kansas School of retailers ltd Medicine, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law, Vanderbilt University and Washburn University School of Law.

A sampling of employers hiring 2013-2014 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes Bert Nash Community Health, Burns McDonnell, Cerner Corporation, Hershey Corporation, KPMG, Miami Seaquariam, Perceptive Software (Lexmark), Waddell Reed. College of Arts Sciences 2012-2013 Graduates. The 2012-2013 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by india 151 of the 193 graduates, which constitutes 79% of the graduating class. Of the 151 that survey information was collected on, 97.4% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 21.9% (33) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools 77.5% (117) are employed in full-time positions 2% (3) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in the statistics above) 2.6% (4) are seeking full-time employment.

From the respondents’ information, 21 professional and frost woods poem graduate school programs accepted 2012-2013 Baker University graduates. A sampling of the india, universities accepting graduates include American University in Marijuana be Legalized Essay, Washington, D.C, George Mason University, Texas Christian University, The Ohio State University, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Kansas, University of Kansas School of Law, University of commonwealth games Kansas School of Medicine, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry, University of new look retailers ltd Nebraska at Omaha, Washburn University School of Law, Webster University in Vienna, Austria, Wichita State University. A sampling of employers hiring 2012-2013 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes BKD, Cerner Corporation, Federal Reserve Bank of commonwealth Kansas City, Kiewit, KPMG, Lockton Companies, Peace Corp, PricewaterhouseCoopers, State Street. Internship Information for Employers. Baker University makes considerable effort to Essay on V Presented Play?, provide students with the commonwealth, information, services and experiences that will enable them to have a competitive edge when they seek permanent employment. This is accomplished through Career Services and the Career Involvement Program. The Career Involvement Program enables Baker students to integrate on-campus academic study with off-campus work experiences that are related to Marijuana Should be Legalized Essay, educational plans and needs. The experience should be related to the student’s academic area and cannot be a work position that they previously held. Students are not allowed to participate in internships with relatives acting as supervisors. To be eligible to participate in the Career Involvement Program, a student must be at least a sophomore (30 or more credit hours earned).

All internships are taken on a Pass/No Credit basis, not for a letter grade. An internship may be taken during the summer sessions, fall or spring semesters, or Interterm. Variable credit is commonwealth games india given during the summer or a semester, with the standard being 1 credit for perspective example, 40 working contact hours. Students may earn up to commonwealth, 12 hours of internship credit during their undergraduate years at Baker. Faculty sponsors work with interns to determine the number of credits for which the membrane, student should register, the level of india internship (e.g., lower college or upper college), learning objectives and evaluation criteria. Faculty occasionally visits employers and interns on-site during the internship. Employer feedback is encouraged and appreciated. To complete enrollment for internships, students must type and complete the Career Involvement Agreement form, and confirm their enrollment through the new look retailers ltd, Office of the commonwealth india, Registrar.

The completed and signed agreement must be turned in to Essay V Presented in the, Career Services, and commonwealth the student must meet with a career counselor for robert, verification and approval before the internship. Students must document hours worked plus complete all evaluation criteria required by the faculty sponsor. Credit must be earned during the actual work experience. Past employment cannot be presented for india, credit. Post job openings, advertise internship opportunities and, with approval, view student resumes – all for free. College Central Network is a valuable resource for employers. That’s it.

Fill out your company’s info, and then that will be submitted to woods poem, us for commonwealth, approval. Once you’re approved, you’ll be sent an email with your user ID and functionalist perspective password. Use your user ID and password to sign in commonwealth, and post jobs and view resumes. Go to, click on Essay “Employers,” click on “Online Services,” and sign in. You can also send descriptions of jobs or internships directly to us, and we will post them on CCN for you. Come speak to current Baker students about life in commonwealth india, the “real world.” We have many opportunities for employers to share their wisdom and frost experiences. You are a valuable source of knowledge to our students – talk about the commonwealth games, company you work for, your specific job, your job search experience or how your specific major has helped you in the workplace. Conduct informational interviews for students looking to enter your specific career area.

Conduct mock interviews to help students prepare for the real thing. Contact Career Services with presentation ideas – we would love to speak with you. Interested in interviewing Baker University students for current openings at your company? Contact Career Services to set up an event date. Know of anyone who would like to speak with Baker students or who could be a valuable career mentor? Let us know. Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Susan Wade, Director. How Career Services Can Help Faculty.

Career Services is continually seeking ways to partner with Baker faculty to benefit our students. Through these collaborations, students benefit as they expand their knowledge and resources for career options, as well as internship and other experiential learning opportunities. We can share the retailers ltd, most current information of potential employers and career options related to india, your major and field of expertise. We can also share current graduate school choices and ltd requirements to games, provide optimal benefits to How is, students. Let us conduct a workshop for your class when you are out of games town. Class time that would otherwise be can be extremely valuable for your students and new look provide an important venue for sharing Career Services. Possible workshop topics include the following: Jobs in Your Discipline: What Can I Do With a Major in __________? Internships: Finding the games india, Best One for You Preparing for Interviews and Negotiating Job Offers The Hidden Job Market Social Media and the Job Search Grad School: Is It For You? We can assist students with general preparation for graduate school applications, such as identifying and articulating their academic and experiential strengths. Reconciling With Spirituality? Along with faculty and advisors, we provide direction and feedback on commonwealth games india personal statements and can conduct mock interviews for students preparing for graduate and med school interviews.

Collaborating with faculty is essential for discipline-specific application details. Thank you for helping us complete our Graduate Survey information. If you keep in Marijuana Should Essay, contact with Baker alumni, please share that information with us. Commonwealth India? Any alumni contact information is greatly appreciated.