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annotation paper Annotations are comments, notes, explanations, or other types of external remarks that can be attached to a Web document or to economic manuscripts, a selected part of a document. As they are external, it is possible to annotate any Web document independently, without needing to edit the Essay on Emily and D.H Exploration document itself. From a technical point of marx manuscripts, view, annotations are usually seen as metadata, as they give additional information about an of 1930, existing piece of data. And Philosophic. Amaya uses a special RDF annotation schema for qualities, describing annotations. Annotations can be stored locally or in one or more annotation servers . When a document is browsed, Amaya queries each of these servers, requesting the annotations related to that document. Marx Economic And Philosophic. Amaya presents an Essay on Emily Bronte and D.H Class, annotation with an icon that is visually embedded in the document. If you single-click this icon, the marx economic text that was annotated is highlighted. Hagar Shipley. If you double-clicks the icon, the marx and philosophic annotation text and dustbowl of 1930, other metadata are presented in a separate window. An annotation has many properties including: Physical location: is the annotation stored in marx economic manuscripts the local file system or in an annotation server Scope: is the on Emily and D.H Lawrence's Class annotation associated to a whole document or just to a fragment.

Annotation type: 'Annotation', 'Comment', 'Query', . Amaya can store annotation data in marx economic and philosophic manuscripts a local file system ( local annotations ) or it can store annotations remotely, on annotations servers accessed through the Web ( remote annotations ). You do not need a server to Lawrence's Exploration Class, create local annotations. Local annotations are stored under your AmayaHome directory, in a special directory called annotations , and they can be seen only by marx and philosophic their owner (according to Essay Bronte Exploration of Social, the system access right setup). This directory contains three kinds of files: annot.index: Associates URLs with the and philosophic manuscripts files containing the metadata of the annotations. Mahatma Mean. index + random suffix: Stores the metadata of the annotations related to a given URL. Marx Economic And Philosophic. The metadata is specified in RDF. annot + random suffix.html: Contains the body of an hagar shipley, annotation, stored as XHTML. Economic Manuscripts. At any time, you can convert a local annotation to of hero, a shared one by choosing Post to server from the manuscripts Tools/Annotations submenu. Once this is qualities, completed, the local annotation is marx and philosophic manuscripts, deleted because it has been moved to of hero, an annotation server. You can store remote annotations in economic and philosophic annotation servers so that the Bronte Exploration annotations can be downloaded by anyone having the correct access rights, such as is the economic and philosophic manuscripts case of other HTML documents.

Remote annotations are referred to as shared or public annotations, because they can be seen by other people. If you wish to install your own annotation server, please refer to levy 9 facts, Annotation-Server-HOWTO . Before creating an economic manuscripts, annotation, it is recommended to set some parameters in shoemaker levy the Preferences (see section Configuring annotations). Marx And Philosophic. Amaya supports two kinds of The Tragedy Scottsboro Boys, annotations: annotations that apply to a whole document and annotations that apply to a specific position or a selection in marx economic manuscripts a document. To annotate an entire document, choose Annotate document from the Tools/Annotations menu. Shoemaker 9 Facts. To annotate a position, put the insertion point at that position in the document and choose Annotate selection from the Tools/Annotations menu.

To annotate a selection, make a selection in the document and and philosophic manuscripts, choose Annotate selection from the Tools/Annotations menu. After these operations, an annotation document is displayed, with some inital metadata and an empty body. The metadata consists of the title of the annotation , the author's name , the of the Scottsboro title of the economic and philosophic annotated document, the dustbowl annotation type , the creation date , and the last modification date . Marx Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts. Some of the metadata fields have special properties: The Source document field is a link that points back to the annotated text. If the user double-clicks it, as when following any other link with Amaya, the annotated document will be displayed with the annotated text highlighted. The Annotation types field lets you classify the Funtionalism Essay annotation and economic and philosophic manuscripts, change its type. Double-click on hagar shipley the text Annotation type to see the list of economic manuscripts, types available. The Last modified field is updated automatically each time that an on Emily Bronte and D.H Class, annotation is saved.

Below the header area is the and philosophic manuscripts annotation body area. It shows the current content and can be edited like any other HTML document. Some commands that can be applied to a document in the Amaya document window also can be applied to Essay Bronte of Social Class, an annotation document in the Annotation window. For example, the body of an annotation can be printed by choosing Print from the economic manuscripts File menu, or reloaded by hagar shipley choosing Reload document from the File menu. Saving an marx manuscripts, annotation is the hagar shipley same as saving any other document with Amaya: choose Save from the File menu (or use its equivalent shortcut or button) or press the Save button.

Local annotations are saved to marx economic and philosophic, the annotations directory and remote annotations are saved to The Tragedy Essays, the annotation post server, if the marx economic user has write access. To convert a local annotation into a shared one, choose Post to server from the Tools/Annotations menu to mahatma mean, save the economic and philosophic manuscripts annotation to shoemaker, the Post server as defined in the Configuration for economic manuscripts, Annotations dialog . Dustbowl. If this operation is marx manuscripts, successful, the local annotation will be removed and future Save operations will go directly to that annotation server. The Delete command on the Tools/Annotations submenu enables you to delete the of the Scottsboro Boys Essays current annotation. You can invoke this command from an annotation window. You can also delete an manuscripts, annotation from the mahatma mean annotated document. Manuscripts. Select the icon of the annotation and weapons used during the civil, call the same command from the Tools menu in the annotated document window. Loading and presenting annotations. The Tools/Annotations/Load command tells Amaya to load the annotations that are associated with the URL of the current document. Economic And Philosophic. Amaya will query the Theory annotation servers, using the economic manuscripts settings from shoemaker 9 facts, Preferences/Annotations , and marx and philosophic, ask for weapons during the civil, any relevant annotation. Annotations may also be loaded automatically whenever a new page is marx economic, viewed by selecting the Autoload remote annotations check box in Preferences/Annotations . Essays. Querying an economic manuscripts, annotation server returns all the annotations that are associated with a document. The link view of the annotated document shows all the mahatma mean annotations.

As with the document window, annotations are identified by a pencil icon. A single-click on the icon selects the annotated text in the document window and economic and philosophic manuscripts, a double-click opens the qualities of hero annotation. Replying to annotations / discussion thread. Annotations can be seen as comments to web pages. The Tools/Annotations/Reply to economic manuscripts, annotation command enhances the collaborative workspace by allowing users to Essay and D.H Lawrence's of Social Class, reply to annotations or to other replies. Marx Economic. The Reply to annotation command of the Tools/Annotations submenu lets you create a reply to Funtionalism Theory, an existing annotation or to a reply.

You can invoke this command from an open annotation or a reply window. Manuscripts. As a result a new annotation document opens. Shoemaker Levy 9 Facts. The fields in marx and philosophic manuscripts a reply annotation can be edited just like in Bronte and D.H Lawrence's Exploration any other annotation as explained under Creating an annotation. When the reply is ready, you can post it to a server with the Tools/Annotations/Post to server command or you can save it locally using the File/Save command. To delete a reply, you can use the Tools/Annotations/Delete command. Marx. Replies can also be annotated like any other document, as explained in Creating an annotation. All replies related to an annotation are shown at the bottom of of the Scottsboro, this annotation, in marx and philosophic manuscripts a thread section. Funtionalism. Each item in the thread gives the marx date of the Essay Bronte Exploration of Social reply, the marx manuscripts author, and Funtionalism Theory Essay, the title of the marx economic and philosophic manuscripts reply. Essay On Emily Lawrence's Of Social. The content of marx economic and philosophic manuscripts, any of these replies can be retrieved by double clicking the The Structural replies in the thread. The selected reply is highlighted and presented in a reply tab.

When another selection is made the same reply tab is marx economic manuscripts, used. There is hagar shipley, no way to and philosophic, control which replies should be posted. Shoemaker 9 Facts. In an ideal world, it should not be possible to save a reply to a reply if the economic and philosophic previous reply was not saved in the same server. Dustbowl Of 1930. Likewise, if you delete a reply, you should delete all replies to marx economic, this annotation. Not doing that leads to Funtionalism Theory Essay, having fragments of threads that cannot be correctly attached in the thread. Marx Manuscripts. For example, let R1 be the reply to annotation A1 and R2 a reply to R1.

If you post R1, and let R2 be stored locally, then when you browse A1 and only download its local annotations, you will only The Structural Theory Essay see R2. Economic. At this point, Amaya does not know that R1 exists, so it assumes that R2 has lost its parent. Hagar Shipley. We identify these orphan threads by marx economic manuscripts putting a question mark symbol ? in Scottsboro Essays front of them. Marx. If later one, Amaya finds new thread items, for levy, example, if you download R1, Amaya will then sort the thread view, inserting the economic manuscripts threads as appropriately. In our example, R2 will become a child of R1, as expected. User-definable icons by Annotation type (aka dynamic icons) The icon used to mark the location of an annotation within an annotated document may be changed by hagar shipley the user.

The icon that denotes an economic and philosophic manuscripts, annotation is chosen as a property of the annotation type. What Mean. By including an marx and philosophic manuscripts, RDF property of each annotation type you wish to use, you select the icon associated with annotations of that type. The sample configuration associates the following icons: The property name for The Tragedy Scottsboro Essays, adding annotation icons is For instance, to and philosophic, specify an does, icon named file:///home/question-icon.jpg for annotations that have type you would enter the following RDF/XML into a file that Amaya reads at startup is: The simplest way to economic, get such RDF loaded into Amaya at startup is to of the Boys Essays, include the file in the config/annot.schemas file in the Amaya program directory. Economic And Philosophic. In order to of the Boys Essays, preserve this file so that it will not be overwritten when you install a new version of Amaya, you should copy the config/annot.schemas file into marx economic and philosophic manuscripts your personal AmayaHome directory. You may list as many RDF files as you want in annot.schemas . Hagar Shipley. See the comments in marx manuscripts the file included in the Amaya kit for more details. Of The Scottsboro Essays. A sample file named typeIcon.rdf declares unique icons for marx, each annotation type declared in the namespace. To experiment with user-defined icons, it may be easiest to what, copy this typeIcon.rdf into another directory and modify it. Copy annot.schemas to economic, your AmayaHome directory and The Tragedy Boys Essays, change the economic manuscripts line near the end to point to your revised icon definition file. Hagar Shipley. Amaya supports JPEG, PNG, and and philosophic manuscripts, GIF bitmap graphics formats for icon images.

The icon URI may only be a file: URI; that is, the icon must appear in Funtionalism a local or mounted directory to Amaya. Two special forms of non-file: URIs are supported. Marx Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts. If the file path name starts with $THOTDIR or $APP_HOME then the dustbowl corresponding Amaya installation directory or personal Amaya home directory is marx economic and philosophic, substituted into the pathname. Known issues with annotations and on Emily Bronte and D.H Lawrence's Exploration, modified documents. When you use annotations with live documents (documents whose contents can be modified), you may encounter two kinds of problems: orphan annotations and misleading annotations . To explain these problems, we must first describe how Amaya attaches annotations to economic, documents. Amaya uses XPointer to indicate where an 9 facts, annotation should be attached to manuscripts, a document.

XPointers are based in Theory Essay the structure of the economic document. To build an XPointer for a selection, for example, Amaya starts from the The Tragedy Scottsboro first point of the selection and marx economic and philosophic, walk backwards through the document's structure, until it finds the root of the shoemaker 9 facts document. Manuscripts. If an Essay on Emily and D.H of Social Class, element has an id attribute, Amaya stops building the marx and philosophic manuscripts XPointer and considers the used war element with the id attribute value to be the marx economic and philosophic beginning of that XPointer. For example, if you look at the HTML source for this document, you'll notice that this section is The Tragedy Scottsboro Boys Essays, enclosed within a div element that has an id attribute with the value Issues Here's an extract of the marx economic manuscripts source code: This XPointer points to the second paragraph: xpointer(id(Issues)/p[2]) The above XPointer points to the second p element, from the what mahatma element parent having an id attribute with value Issues. Note that the use of the id attribute enables the marx and philosophic document author to move the entire reference by the XPointer to another location within the document, without needing to update the XPointer. Qualities. The XPointer does not depend on the elements that precede it. And Philosophic. An annotation becomes an mahatma, orphan when it can no longer be attached to a document, that is, when the XPointer does not resolve to and philosophic, any element in the structure. This happens when a document's structure is does mahatma, modified. Amaya displays a warning if it detects any orphan annotations while downloading a set of manuscripts, annotations from an annotation server. All orphan annotations are visible from the Links view and used during, are associated with an icon that shows a question mark superimposed on the annotation pencil . An annotation becomes misleading when it points to a wrong piece of information. This problem is common when you annotate a portion of marx, text that may change.

In the qualities of hero first release, Amaya does not warn the user if an annotation is manuscripts, misleading. Does Mahatma Mean. A future release may notify users of the potential for an annotation to be misleading. Marx Economic Manuscripts. As the author of a document, try to hagar shipley, use the ID attribute in strategic places, for marx and philosophic manuscripts, example, inside DIV and on Emily Lawrence's Exploration of Social Class, p elements. For example: An XPointer that points to this paragraph is: xpointer(id(Amaya)) Thus, the Xpointer will point to marx, the same paragraph, regardless of its position in the document's structure.

Amaya enables you to The Tragedy Scottsboro Essays, automatically associate with or remove an marx economic and philosophic manuscripts, ID attribute to/from a set of dustbowl of 1930, elements by economic manuscripts choosing Add/Remove IDs from the Links menu.

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Marx economic and philosophic manuscripts

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Master Thesis opportunity: Water + Food Security Nexus. Topic : Analyzing and marx and philosophic, quantifying the linkage between water and food security. State of art on quantification of the nexus between the water and weapons used war, food security nexus (literature review) Assessment of a selected river basin in terms of water availability and demand, flood and drought risk, food production and demand Quantification of water and marx economic manuscripts, food security considering spatial and temporal variability Analysis of mean tradeoffs considering basic development scenarios for the selected basin. Options to do this research: Chile (Limari, Aconcagua), Ethiiopia/Sudan/Egypt: Eastern Nile Basin, or sub-basins), Vietnam (Vu Gia Thu bon river basin, Brazil (Macacu River Basin. Partners : All above mentioned river basins form part of the marx and philosophic manuscripts current research of Scottsboro ITT, partners exist. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, PhD students. Support: Support for mobility and accommodation is economic and philosophic, usually available. Remarks and The Structural Funtionalism, Opportunities: Master Thesis opportunity: Water + Energy Security Nexus. Topic : Analyzing and quantifying the linkage between water and energy security. State of marx economic art on Funtionalism Theory quantification of the nexus between the water and energy security nexus (literature review) Assessment of a selected river basin in terms of water availability and demand, energy production, potential and demand (focus on hydropower) Quantification of water and energy security considering spatial and temporal variabilities Analysis of marx and philosophic manuscripts tradeoffs considering basic development scenarios for the selected basin.

Options to do this research: Chile (Limari, Aconcagua), Ethiiopia/Sudan/Egypt: Eastern Nile Basin, or sub-basins), Vietnam (Vu Gia Thu bon river basin) Partners : All above mentioned river basins form part of the current research of ITT, partners exist. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Ramchandra Bhandari. Support: Support for The Structural Theory Essay, mobility and accommodation is usually available. Remarks and marx and philosophic, Opportunities: Exact objectives depend on the choosen research area and will be adapted to the research interests of the student. Master Thesis opportunity: River Basin Management, Brazil. Topic : Developing Water Monitoring strategies to of the Scottsboro Boys, support water resources management in rural Rio de Janeiro.

Approaches to community based water resources monitoring (literature review) Data requirements for rural water resources management considering the decision making process Option a) Selection of Technologies to support community based water resources monitoring (measurement, data transmission, data analysis and visualization); developing adequate concepts for water monitoring in rural areas Option b) assessing the level of awareness of rural population and manuscripts, institutions regarding water resources issues; deriving adequate concepts for involving the rural population in monitoring programs. Partners : Several options: Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Juan Ramirez. Support: Support in accommodation near Niteroi can be offered, integration in hagar shipley research project INTECRAL. Remarks and marx and philosophic, Opportunities: Exact objectives will be developed with student. Mahatma? Basic knowledge of Portuguese is recommended, especially for option b. Topic : Developing Water Governance strategies for Rural River Basin in Rio de Janeiro state.

Local water governance approaches at Micro basin level (literature review) Current framework of and philosophic river basin management in Essay of Social Class Brazil and Rio de Janeiro Analyze the manuscripts existing structures of water related governance in the selected basin of the Intecral project Stakeholder analysis Defining water management targets Develop strategies for local organization of key management functions Suggest strategies to finance water management measures at the micro basin level. Partners : Several options: Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Juan Ramirez. Support: Support in hagar shipley accommodation near Niteroi can be offered, integration in research project INTECRAL. Remarks and Opportunities: Exact objectives will be developed with student. Basic knowledge of Portuguese is and philosophic, recommended, Topic : Analysis of Water Related Ecosystem Services at Micro-Basin level. Water Related Ecosystem Services concepts and classification (literature review) Identifying water related ecosystem services in the selected basin of the Intecral project Selection of one ecosystem service (eg provision of mean clean water, flood mitigation, water storage) and quantification + mapping of this service Suggesting a way to manage the selected ecosystem service. Partners : Several options: Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)

Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Udo Nehren. Support: Support in accommodation near Niteroi can be offered, integration in research project INTECRAL. Remarks and Opportunities: Exact objectives will be developed with student. Basic knowledge of Portuguese is recommended. Master Thesis opportunity: River Ecology, Brazil. Topic : Ecomorphological typology of rivers in and philosophic manuscripts the Mata Atlanica Fluminense. River classification approaches worldwide (Literature review) River classification for tropical rivers (Literature review) Defining the river classification approach for the project region (Methodology development) Investigating reference sites in the project region (Field work) Statistical analysis of classification parameters to derive river types (e. g. cluster analysis) Presenting existing river types in the project region (River type characterization sheets) Partners : Several options: Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Georg Meier.

Support: Support in accommodation near Niteroi can be offered, integration in research project INTECRAL. Remarks and Opportunities: We recommend a scientific paper based thesis. Master Thesis opportunity: River Ecology, Brazil. Topic : Ecomorphological assessment of on Emily of Social Class rivers in the Mata Atlanica Fluminense. Getting knowledge about the marx and philosophic EMU-method ( E comorphological M anagement U nits) developed at the ITT Applying the EMU-method in the project region Applying classic ecomorphological assessment methods in of the Scottsboro Boys Essays the project region Qualitative and marx economic, quantitative comparison of the used EMU-method with classic methods Evaluation of the and philosophic capabilities of the EMU-method. Partners : to be defined, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Georg Meier. Support: Support in accommodation near Niteroi can be offered, integration in research project INTECRAL. Remarks and hagar shipley, Opportunities: We recommend a scientific paper based thesis.

Master Thesis opportunity: Hydrogeological assessment in the high elevation Andean cordillera, Central Chile. Topic : Semiarid Northern Central Chile with mean annual precipitation rates of 140 mm is extremely vulnerable to marx, climate variability and change. Although at an elevation above 3000m in Funtionalism the Andean Cordillera precipitation rates are estimated to be around 500 mm, only few rainfall events are occurring throughout the and philosophic year and Essay on Emily Class, baseflow in the dry season relies on economic manuscripts groundwater. The Structural Funtionalism? The study area, the Limari river basin, with its intensive agriculture relies on the mountainous hydrology and the dynamics of the marx cryosphere in the high Andes Cordillera. Geochemical analyses of groundwater springs can provide valuable information to improve the understanding of ground water aquifers in the high Central Chilean Andes and hence the Essay Lawrence's Exploration baseflow and hydrograph. Based on the results, water availability projections can be simulated for different climate scenarios. Improve understanding of marx economic and philosophic geology and high elevation aquifers: fossil or renewable? Estimate recharge rates considering past meteorological time series and runoff Geo-chemical tracer analysis of groundwater springs. Partners : ITT, University of does mahatma mean La Serena, Mining and geology department, Centre for Research in Arid Regions (CEAZA), La Serena. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Alexandra Nauditt, Prof Schuth (TU Darmstadt) Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered.

Remarks and Opportunities: Work in the scope of BMBF funded projects on manuscripts water use efficiency and join research team of hydrologists and water managers. Basic knowledge of Spanish is recommended. Master Thesis opportunity: (Transboundary) Water Governance, Eastern Nile Basin. Topic : Impact of during Stakeholder Relationships and manuscripts, Institutional Reforms on during Performance of the Irrigation Management System in marx economic and philosophic the Gezira Scheme. Analyze the recent legislative and Theory, policy reforms in the Gezira irrigation scheme Define the and philosophic manuscripts different roles, relationships and responsibilities of stakeholders in the Gezira irrigation scheme Investigate the attitudes, interests, issues and potential conflicts among stakeholders using qualitative survey methods Investigate the dustbowl effects of reforms on the overall performance of the marx and philosophic manuscripts scheme Recommend future reforms and policy amendments. Partners : Khartoum University, Gezira University, Agricultural Research Center, etc. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Mohammad Al-Saidi.

Support: Costs required for hagar shipley, obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: Join the marx manuscripts Nile Basin research team at ITT and develop a network with leading research institutions in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Master Thesis opportunity: (Transboundary) Water Governance, Eastern Nile Basin. Topic : Complexity-based approaches in Conflict Analysis of Transboundary Water Management. Elaborate on the potential of complexity-based approaches (multi-agent decision support systems) in hagar shipley research on and philosophic transboudary water management conflicts Compare different multi-agents models of conflict analysis and negotiations using the example of the what does mean Easter Nile basin (e.g.

Graph Model) Investigate the conflict states, history and future evolvement Develop recommendations for marx, the use of complexity-based modeling tools for conflict understanding and resolution. Partners : Khartoum University, Addis Ababa University, Gezira University, etc. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Mohammad Al-Saidi. Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: Join the Nile Basin research team at ITT and hagar shipley, develop a network with leading research institutions in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Master Thesis opportunity: (Transboundary) Water Governance, Eastern Nile Basin. Topic : Local Governance Assessment of Agricultural Land Use Management in and philosophic the Upper Nile Basin. Study the legislative framework governing agricultural land use in Ethiopia as well as measures to ensure food security Define the different stakeholders with their roles and responsibility in the case study region (Gondar region) Conduct a governance assessment in regard to land use management using an adequate methods (e.g. local governance barometer) Compare findings on weapons used the civil the governance performance in the case study region to findings from secondary literature Recommend reforms, improvements and opportunities for future reforms. Partners : Khartoum University, Addis Ababa University, International Water Management Institute, etc.

Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Mohammad Al-Saidi. Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: Join the marx economic Nile Basin research team at ITT and develop a network with leading research institutions in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Master Thesis opportunity: (Transboundary) Water Governance, Eastern Nile Basin. Topic : Comparison of Local Adaptation Methods to weapons used during, Climate Change and Variability in Different Agricultural Land Use Systems. Collect basic information on land use characteristics and climatic data Investigate existent local (farm or scheme level) adaptation levels to climate variability in rain-fed (e.g. upper Ethiopia or Gadaref region in Sudan) and irrigation agriculture (e.g. Gezira Scheme) Compare the different adaptation measures across land use system and to commendations in literature or international experiences Examine the effects of adaptation measures in one agricultural land use system on marx the other Outline critical issues and provide recommendations for increasing resilience of the different systems. Partners : Khartoum University, Addis Ababa University, International Water Management Institute. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Mohammad Al-Saidi.

Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered, etc. Remarks and Opportunities: Join the Nile Basin research team at ITT and develop a network with leading research institutions in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Master Thesis opportunity: (Transboundary) Water Governance, Eastern Nile Basin. Topic : Comparative Analysis of Sectoral Integration and Policy Coherence for dustbowl, Land, Water and Energy Management in economic the Eastern Nile Basin. Analyze policies in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt to Essay Bronte Lawrence's of Social Class, integrate different issues of land, water and energy management Investigate cross-sectoral coordination and policy integration in the different countries Assess policy fit and coherence in the three case study countries (using qualitative research and assessment grids) Elaborate on the different paths for natural resources governance in the three countries and their relationships to resource use, geography, hydrology, and issues like historical path dependencies Recommend policy reforms in case study countries and up-scale recommendations for the overall basin governance or cooperation under the marx and philosophic manuscripts Nile Basin Initiative. Partners : Khartoum University, Addis Ababa University, International Water Management Institute, Ain Shams University etc.

Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Mohammad Al-Saidi. Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: Join the Nile Basin research team at ITT and does, develop a network with leading research institutions in marx economic and philosophic manuscripts Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Master Thesis opportunity: Project related master thesis topics. Topic : Development of Community Based Monitoring for Early warning system (Vietnam or Bangladesh) Identify the existing early warning system at the community level. Weapons The Civil War? Determine the information requirements at different institutional levels regarding early warning Incorporating technological interface (i.e., application of smartphone, mobile sms or other system) to enhance the existing EWS Explore the drawbacks and advantages of the system and marx manuscripts, recommend future concepts. Partners : ICCCAD, IIED, IUB (Bangladesh) and CTIC, VAWR (Vietnam) Supervision: Lars Ribbe, A.B.M Firoz. Support: Costs required for during, obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities:

This is a project that will be started in the next year and economic, therefore a very good demonstration will give the advantage to join the next research team for Essays, Bangladesh Project. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet with other research institute for marx economic, e.g., IIED an UK based leading climate research group and also facilitate to develop your own network of collaboration and cooperation. Topic : Development of Community Resilience Index (CRI) / Coastal Zone (Bangladesh) Explore the risk and of 1930, resilience to natural hazard at the community level Developing an appropriate community resilience index (CRI) Applying the index through the marx economic completion and repetitive use of and D.H Lawrence's Exploration of Social self-assessment tool to determine risk and and philosophic manuscripts, preparedness to future disaster event at the community (this index will serve as a baseline assessment to monitor change over time) To provide status quo information and used during, future scenario to the Disaster Risk Reduction authority for guidance. Partners : ICCCAD, IIED, IUB. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, A.B.M Firoz. Support: Costs required for marx, obtaining primary and The Tragedy Scottsboro Boys, secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: Topic : Water Demand Analysis of the Lower VGTB (Vietnam)

Characterizing the existing water uses/demand in the Lower Vu Gia Thu Bon River basin (agricultural, industrial, domestic, aquatic and marx economic, livestock) Using Mike Basin model to during the civil war, calculate the water balance in the lower VGTB Developing Scenario for future water demand at the river basin. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, A.B.M Firoz. Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: You will learn a lot about data analysis and modeling while being integrated in an active research team at ITT. Topic : Multiple Reservoir Optimization/ Reservoir Operation Management at the VGTB river basin / Vietnam.

Analysis the existing reservoir operation rules in the study area Model the existing multiple reservoir operation using Hec-ResSim model Using Genetic Algorithm to and philosophic manuscripts, optimize the reservoir operation using Hec-ResSim Model Proposed operation rules for the reservoirs. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, A.B.M Firoz. Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: You will have a chance to be integrated into an active research team at ITT and the research project LUCCi. Topic : Design of Environmental Monitoring Network at what mahatma Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin. Analysis of exiting observation network (rainfall, climate, water level and discharge) at the VGTB Basin Identify the potential location for and philosophic manuscripts, installation of further monitoring stations (based on various optimization techniques) Proposed a monitoring network framework of what VGTB. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, A.B.M Firoz. Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and Opportunities: You will have a chance to be integrated into an active research team at economic ITT and weapons used the civil, the research project LUCCi.

Topic : Water management strategies under regional development scenarios in Lower VGTB/Vietnam. Any of the and philosophic manuscripts four issues can be chosen. Governance and Management: This component will describes all aspects of the water strategies which are related to policy and management decisions in a wide sense. In particular a management model to integrate disaster risk management at the river basin level should be analyzed Water supply, new water sources and infrastructure: In view of the increasing water demand and decreasing precipitation an augmentation of water resources is among the main measures to The Tragedy, mitigate both, water scarcity and decreasing water reliability Agriculture and environment: Agriculture is the marx biggest consumer of mahatma water and land resources and, because much of economic and philosophic it is irrigated, one of the most vulnerable sectors with respect to climate changes. On the other hand, it offers opportunities to contribute to the conservation of both kinds of does resources.

Adaptation to and philosophic manuscripts, climate extremes : Coping with extreme fluctuations in precipitation is one of the The Structural Theory Essay key issues of future water management. The exact objectives will be developed jointly with the marx economic manuscripts MSc student according to the above mentioned topics. Regarding the scenario development the following steps are foreseen: In a first step sub-regional water strategies will be developed (particularly interesting for the lower VGTB region) based on the socio-economic conditions prescribed by the regional development scenarios. The second step involves finalizing the on Emily Bronte and D.H Class strategies and develop the management strategies on the regional level using back-casting procedures by setting a target for the year 2020 and then going backward in time defining measures necessary to achieve this target. Economic And Philosophic? The final step will be to verify the regional water strategies with respect to the overall regional water balance, their ability to cope with climate extremes and their environmental impacts and how to deal with them. Supervision: Lars Ribbe, Alexandra Nauditt, Rui Pedroso, A.B.M Firoz. Support: Costs required for obtaining primary and secondary data as well as travel +accommodation costs will be covered. Remarks and does mahatma mean, Opportunities:

You will have a chance to be integrated into an active research team at economic and philosophic manuscripts ITT and The Structural, the research project LUCCi. Recent events, such as flooding in South Asia and Texas in the United States have read more . On October 4th 2017, ITT welcomes the new students of the master programs Renewable Energy read more . The Joint Student Project continues lecturers and students of three universities meet in marx and philosophic manuscripts Morocco read more .

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Accounts Receivable Manager Resume Samples. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes. Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards. Marx Economic And Philosophic. Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Accounts Receivable Managers, also known as Accounts Receivable Clerks, are primarily responsible for handling a company's accounting, budget planning and control, cash management, treasury, and tax handling functions. The Tragedy Essays. Skills associated with example resumes of Accounts Receivable Managers include settling all billing disputes regarding invoicing, processing checks for daily banking deposits, and performing credit history reporting from credit bureaus for new commercial accounts. While this position does not typically require any formal education beyond high school, employers are beginning to prefer candidates who can show some level of college education on their resumes.

For more information on what it takes to be a Accounts Receivable Manager, check out our complete Accounts Receivable Manager Job Description. Accomplishes accounts receivable target goals by training, assigning, communicating job expectations and adhering to policies and procedures. Invoice and validate that all newly delivered upfront ($200k-$400k) and economic, MRR revenue ($5-$25k) has been accurately invoiced and that future reoccurring billings are entered Responsible for used during war all invoicing and collections for 1,000+ customers Assist sales team to ensure finance and sales numbers are reconciled Maintains accounting ledgers by posting monthly account transactions Chief support in semi-annual and annual company audit for accounts receivables Implemented electronic invoicing which reduced overhead cost by over 35% Credit/ Accounts Receivable Manager. Brought in to define and implement the complete Credit and A/R function of a Fortune 500 Co. in a Shared Service Center environment. Revenue contribution is $1.4 Billion, involved in daily strategic planning with management reporting to the company controller. Led a staff of 15 in manuscripts, the Credit function process as well as Accounts Receivable, cash application, Journal and reconciliation adjustments in an order to cash atmosphere. Rewrote Credit Policy Manual for [company name]. Designed SAP reports to monitor Credit and mahatma, Accounts Receivable functions. And Philosophic. Reduced DSO from 60+ days to 47 days and over 90 days from 9% to on Emily and D.H Lawrence's Exploration of Social Class 5% of total Receivables at [company name]. Developed Month End reports for marx economic manuscripts Management on DSO, over Essay, 90, top 100 accounts, Watch list of high-risk accounts through graphs, and manuscripts, excel spreadsheets at [company name].

Reduced AR over 60 days from 28% to 5% within 4 months and what mahatma, kept it stable for 10 years. Developed credit analysis tool for evaluating creditworthiness of new and marx and philosophic, existing customers. Simplified labor intensive tasks to reduce redundancies. Trained and coached collections, cash applications and accounts receivable staff. Developed long term employees to achieve supervisor level. Managed the receipt and recognition of 80% of the company's revenue stream. Dustbowl. Motivated a team of 10 accounting personnel in upholding certain quality and productivity standards assigned. Instrumental in the implementation of monthly reconciliation process for $17M+ in revenue including validation of revenue to economic manuscripts be redistributed to clients. Brought forth operational enhancements via improved system functionality and streamlining workflow process.

Improved the month end close process resulting in exceeding month-end financial targets in unrecognized revenue by a 75% ratio. Reconciled over $500K in Essay on Emily Bronte and D.H Class, Aged Receivables within a 8-month period contributing to positive financial standing. Served as primary resource in the development of Standard Operating Procedure manual representative of all operations under my supervision. Compiled and refined the daily accounting for economic and philosophic the Milk Report to provide management with key information necessary to make changes in daily production. Consistently met or exceeded corporate target for outstanding daily account receivables by creating Coordinated with sales and distribution departments in the implementation of driver delivery procedures that reduced a major client's unpaid invoices by 82%.

Supervised and The Tragedy of the Scottsboro Boys, guided a staff of three in the accurate posting of payments to client accounts which Provided reliable and accurate information to economic and philosophic internal / external auditors and management that facilitated preparation of year-end financial statements. Contracted with the Vice President of Finance to assist CFO and corporate controller in resolving issues with, and the collection of, past due receipts. Total beginning past due portfolio balance of The Tragedy Scottsboro Essays, eight million dollars with a days sales outstanding (DSO) of 54; currently the past due portfolio balance is under one million with a DSO of 36. Developed, implemented, and managed the accounting operations, and procedures for marx and philosophic manuscripts the accounts receivable/credit and collections department through month end. Cultivated an efficient AR/credit and collections team overseeing all activity through month end close and reporting. Oversaw a permanent staff of seven and any additional temporary staffing. Point person for quarterly and annual audits covering cash, revenue, and Bronte and D.H of Social Class, collections. Marx Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts. Maintained effective communications with all departments nationwide, outside collection services, and national credit organizations. Administered, and combined collection efforts of Lawrence's Exploration Class, (3) three charge back analysts and (2) two collectors, and one (1) cash applicator. Reduced past due receivables of $3.5 million over 91+ days to $240 thousand in a (6) six month period.

Decreased pick ticket on hold report by 75% in order maximize sales. Responsible for marx the ensuring client payments are received and accurate based on the invoices for over 2,000 national and international clients. Reconciled any differences between the invoice and the payment and resolved the differences in a timely manner. Responsible for client communication and ensuring overall customer satisfaction by working with the client, marketing, legal and other areas as needed. Additional responsibilities included working with student loan clients to ensure accurate and timely invoicing and transfer of funds collected in addition to adherence to government standards. Managed a team of 5 Associates. Expanded the team to include a new Collector which aided in weapons used during the civil war, the overall clean-up of the aging especially, we were able to focus more on marx economic manuscripts, the older items and Theory Essay, also on the short paid invoices. Also, by having two Collectors other duties in the team which were not being done timely were addressed. Implemented a contingency plan for the critical functions of the Accounts Receivable team by and philosophic, ensuring everyone was successfully cross trained. Cleared the Accounts Receivable Aging Report of hundreds of of 1930, old debit and credit invoices by researching and resolving collection and billing issues. Improved customer relations by implementing regular follow-up with clients allowing them to provide timely feedback on marx economic, our services.

Managed all accounts receivable activities for dustbowl $12+ million luxury rental car company. Processed daily credit card transactions for seven locations (85% of marx, company's cash flow); effectively Performed month-end financial processing in Bluebird auto rental and QuickBooks systems; assisted in preparation and completion of year-end financials and financial audits. Handled customer requests and resolved problems, including all disputes, changes and credits on Funtionalism, customer rentals. Provided technical support and training to marx sales staff and established policies and procedures for sales and accounts receivable. Worked on financial specifications for development of new auto rental software system. Developed content structure and wrote copy for The Tragedy Boys new corporate website. Accounts Receivable Manager at Healthcare Services Facility. Responsible for day to marx economic day management of insurance verification, medical billing, cash applications, denial posting, refund processing, and Vision Systems administration.

Implemented procedures for hagar shipley Unclaimed Property Reporting Calculated monthly cash collections forecast and marx, quarterly cash collections goal for department incentive program Prepared weekly sales, cash collections, and weapons during, project status updates for sr. management Provided Finance Department with monthly revenue calculation which included net revenue, billable units, any necessary accruals or deferrals, plus contractual allowance and and philosophic, bad debt adjustments. Also calculated actual to budget variance and analyzed differences to of 1930 provide variance explanations Responsible for quarterly updating, testing, and verification of selected internal controls for the Internal Audit Department Managed a staff of 17 employees; created performance reviews and development programs. Free Professional Resume Critique. We have partnered with TopResume to marx economic manuscripts bring you a FREE resume critique service. Upload your resume and within 48 hours TopResume will email you a detailed analysis of what hiring managers and automated systems think of your resume and how to improve it.

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Case Study Essay Examples Outlines. Are you in High School, College, Masters, Bachelors or Ph.D and need assistance with your case study? All you need is to ask for case study essay help written by a specialist in your academic field. When you buy a case study from economic, us, we offer you an original, nil plagiarized and unique paper written by a dedicated writer who is PhD or Masters qualified. is an experienced service with over hagar shipley, 9 years experience having delivered over 83,000 essays over the years. Ms Singh has bilateral hearing aids and reading glasses, showing that her sight and hearing ability is not that good.

The patient also suffered from Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) with residual right (R) sided hemiplegia, dysphagia and economic and philosophic manuscripts dysphasia. Hemiplegia is the type of stroke which causes the complete paralysis of one side. The effects are the loss of speech, dysphagia, and Essay and D.H Lawrence's Exploration of Social the disorder of language, dysphasia. The patients temperatures readings are below the average range. This is because the normal range is marx and philosophic 38 degrees C, while the patients is 36.9 degrees C. Ms Singhs blood pressure is also very high comparing to the normal one being 120/80. At the patients age, their pulse rate should be about weapons used the civil fifty to eighty beats per marx manuscripts minute. Therefore, with her pulse rate being at a hundred and fifteen beats per minute, then it means there is a problem especially at that age (Cook, 1992). All these alterations happen not to range within the normal range for a healthy human.

The most probable cause of these alterations in the vital signs is the stroke the patient suffered. Dysphagia is a very serious condition, and it can cause aspiration pneumonia, dehydration, malnutrition and eventually death. A special dysphagia has divisions which mount up to five levels, which differ depending on the type of food stuff. Of 1930. Food such as bread, hard legumes, and nuts are prohibited while peanut butter, pasta and candy are not advisable. A dysphagia patient must also maintain a straight posture when feeding and economic and philosophic remain the same way for thirty minutes after having their meal. Of The Scottsboro Boys. Food that is extremely cold or hot should also be avoided with the patients taking the most time when feeding (Crutchlow, 2012). The patients are also advised to take small bites, and sips, to make swallowing easier. Another very keen measure that should be taken is that dysphagia patients should feed in a quiet place. For a patient suffering from dysphagia, diet is very keen thing and, therefore, the best feeding material is necessary.

The patient needs to take a healthy diet and lots of water and nutrients but conservatively on marx economic and philosophic the latter. Ms Singh may also require taking solid food that has already been softened or fruits. This would make the what does patient avoid complications during swallowing of the food. To assist the patient with walking and at the same time avoiding the risk of falling, the and philosophic patient may be forced to use crutches. This should help the patient manage their weight well and avoid the shift falling on one side. The patient should also be advised to physical exercise and activities. Though due to her age, she cannot involve in very tiring activities, and exercise, there is The Tragedy of the Boys Essays still need to marx economic and philosophic manuscripts involve in the activities. The easiest method of helping the patient with urine elimination is to have someone walk her to used war the toilet every time she feels the urge. The method, however, is not reliable and and philosophic manuscripts is tiresome in a way. There is another option of The Tragedy of the Scottsboro Essays, having a pipe tied up to her excretory system. Marx And Philosophic. That way if the patient feels the dustbowl of 1930 urge to visit the toilets, she does not even have to move.

If there is economic and philosophic manuscripts a restricted blood supply to the bowel, the condition is called a bowel infarction. The colostomy is a result of avoiding the large intestines getting infections (Crutchlow, 2012). The other reason why a colostomy is carried out is to Scottsboro Essays curb the spread of disease or an infection. The first precaution one needs to take before changing the patients colostomy bag is hygiene, and the hands of the one changing should be clean. Marx And Philosophic Manuscripts. Use on the arm to support the skin, while the other hand takes of the Boys pouch slowly.

The pouch should be emptied by cutting the bottom part, and its contents disposed in a lavatory. Marx Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts. The pouch should then be disposed in dustbowl of 1930 a plastic disposal bag after rinsing the pouch. One can, however, dispose the pouch without cutting out its content, direct into a plastic disposal bag (Encyclopedia of family health, 2005). Warm water should be used to wipe the and philosophic area around the stoma, then wipe gently with a dry wipe taking care not to rub. After the area around the stoma is clean, one can now fix the colostomy bag. It is dustbowl of 1930 necessary to and philosophic cut the bag to make sure it fits in the right size in the stoma. The discharge plan for Ms Singh happens to be very tricky since the daughter is on a full time job and does not have time to cater for her mother. Therefore, the best option would be to The Tragedy of the Scottsboro Essays discharge her with an available option of and philosophic manuscripts, someone who can take care of the patient. The person should be a nurse if possible or someone who has the knowledge of the condition of the patient.

The person should also learn that Ms Singh is very religious and should learn to what mahatma mean respect her religion, culture and spiritual life. Interference with her religious, cultural and spiritual life at her age may cause drastic results, which can be avoided. Aspiration pneumonia is and philosophic manuscripts a condition where the lungs or large airways swell due to hagar shipley infection. This occurs when food stuffs, vomit or liquids getting in the airway that leads to the lungs. Old age and the consumption of too much alcohol also lead to the condition. Ms Singher's stroke may be the cause of the aspiration pneumonia (Schlossberg, 2008).

Pressure ulcers, first of all is a condition that affects people of age around 70 and above, and this happens to be the economic and philosophic patients age. Early detection makes prevention of the condition much easier. Once one has determined the risk factors, it becomes much easier to detain the situation. The major cause of pressure ulcers is a sharp unending pressure on one part of the skin. The damage is hagar shipley caused through making the blood supply in the area reduce. This makes the part susceptible damage when it comes to contact with another substance.

Excess moisture in terms of urine or fecal incontinence, poor nutrition and hydration also cause the condition. Poor health in marx and philosophic manuscripts general may lead to one contracting pressure ulcers (Maklebust, 2000). The most proven method of preventing pressure sores from getting worse is to have daily skin inspections. This method identifies the affected parts that have been identified from the uninfected parts of the body. The other method is cleaning the affected part then covering it and letting it stay that way. The sore area should not also be left to dry out.

Advance Health Care Directives, just like the name refers to the instructions that the of the Scottsboro Boys patient gives concerning their future health. This is because of the economic and philosophic patient or doctors predicting a bad situation or the The Tragedy Scottsboro Boys Essays situation itself taking place. The decision is either made by the patient or a person whom the patient has appointed. The case of the patient asking not to be resuscitated is a very tricky one. Before agreeing and respecting her decision, it would be necessary to find out her reason why, and see if she can change her mind. The next thing would to inform the immediate family, whom if they have agreed also, leaves me no option but to marx also agree. Cook, R., 3M Company. (1992). Vital Signs. S.l.: Penguin Group US. Crutchlow, E. M., Dudac, P. J., MacAvoy, S., Madara, B. R. (2002).

Pathophysiology. Thorofare: Slack.Encyclopedia of family health. (2005). London: Marshall Cavendish. Maklebust, J. A., Sieggreen, M. (2000). Pressure ulcers: Guidelines for prevention and management. Springhouse, Pa: Springhouse Corp.

Curriculum is a procedure used while analyzing a situation and of the Scottsboro Essays when researching. Researchers use different methods and procedures while developing reasons towards an already known concept and while making studies. It includes the analysis of manipulated independent variables that do not have common control (that is random controls). (Gliner, 2010) On the other hand, researchers may include the analysis of studies that have important controls in their studies. While considering the case of marx manuscripts, a new curriculum, it has a significant effect on the attendance. While carrying out hagar shipley, research, change in the methods used while analyzing the study leads to a change on the researchers perception ton the study. The essay will focus on methods that a researcher can explore the impacts of a new curriculum on attendance. (Gliner, 2010)

This implies that in this study method used by researchers depends on the impact time of the manipulation. Like in the pretests-posttest design, the interrupted time series design can be augmented with either a non-equivalent control group or a true control group. Therefore, this research method used by researchers while exploring the impact of a new curriculum on economic manuscripts attendance gives the hagar shipley researchers a clear point of responding to the trends of attendance as people adapt to the new curriculum. It gives them the marx opportunity to learn the response time among people while adapting to the new curriculum introduced in the study institution. (Gliner, 2010) On the other hand, shows that researchers exploring the impact of a new curriculum on attendance have a chance to learn the adopted behaviors of the people affected by the new curriculum. Single group method of weapons during the civil war, research gives the researchers a chance to learn new behaviors of a single group by analyzing the economic and philosophic changes resulting from the change in curriculum.

This method is quite effective and applicable to researchers while analyzing different trends that arise from changing trends of carrying out activities and as well changing variables in the study. Hagar Shipley. Within a short period of time, researchers have an opportunity to learn these trends by comparing the changes before and after the changing variables (introduction of the new curriculum). (Gliner, 2010) On the other hand, while using time based research methods, the researcher has an opportunity to view how the economic and philosophic effects of the changing variables last. On the other hand, while using research methods not based on time, the researcher does not have the opportunity to develop the effects of manipulation and as well the impact it has on the study. While exploring the Essay on Emily and D.H Lawrence's Class impacts of a new curriculum on attendance, while using time based research methods, the researcher learns the time period before the new curriculum is adopted.

On the other hand, comparison of the response to and philosophic the curriculum is possible while using this method unlike while using methods that are not time based. Therefore, time based research methods are stronger than methods that are not time series. (Gliner, 2010) Gliner, J. A., Morgan, G. A., Leech, N. L. Hagar Shipley. (2010). Marx Economic Manuscripts. Research methods in applied settings: An integrated approach to design and analysis. New York: Routledge. Reliability, according to the free online dictionary, is the capability of a person or an item that makes them dependable. The term reliability is used in a couple of hagar shipley, doctrines like; engineering, philosophical studies, computer networking and psychometrics (Bain, 1991).

In all these diverse doctrines, reliability portrays a different meaning from one doctrine to marx economic and philosophic another. For an item or person to be considered reliable, they must possess the used capability to produce stable and consistent results when assessed. There are methods that are used to assess the marx and philosophic reliability of an during war item. Reliability can be calculated mathematically to and philosophic configure an accurate answer. This is the reason why reliability is The Tragedy of the Scottsboro Boys measured through estimation which gives a rough figure. This paper presents the methods that Gliner can use to measure the reliability of his multiple choice test, and the difference between validity and reliability. Lastly, the possible repercussions of marx economic and philosophic manuscripts, Gliner concluding his test is reliable and finding out hagar shipley, it is not. At times, this is not the case, and the same individuals may produce different results every time compared to the timeline between taking the marx and philosophic two tests. This method, however, may not be recommendable as it may prove to be more reliable than expected (Bain, 1991). Does Mahatma Mean. This is the case when the manuscripts individuals take the second test just a short while after they have undertaken the first one. The individuals will, therefore, remember the answers that they gave for the first test, and since they are similar produce the same results.

The results obtained from the two tests should show the consistency of the results expected. The results will then be compared to try and figure out the most reliable ones. In this case, the set of questions used should be those that were a little bit harder since the test should not be easy. This method is war quite dependable since it gives on an option to choose from two sets of questions. The only negative thing about this method is the assumption that the split questions are the same, yet this might not be the case. Bain, L. J., Engelhardt, M. Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts. (1991). Statistical analysis of reliability and life-testing models: Theory and methods.

New York: M. Hagar Shipley. Dekker. Lissitz, R. W. (2009). Marx Manuscripts. The concept of validity: Revisions, new directions, and applications. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Pub. Baumgarten, M. (2013). Paradigm wars - validity and reliability in what mahatma mean qualitative research. S.l.: Grin Verlag. The essence of punishment is to correct someone so that the same mistake cannot be done again. However, the administration of capital punishment ruins the whole need for correcting someone. How is one supposed to marx and philosophic manuscripts change when he no longer exists?

Human is bound to The Structural Essay error, and punishment is a form of marx economic and philosophic manuscripts, discipline. But death penalty is like a form of injustice towards the what mahatma kith and kin of discipline. Imprisoning someone is already stigmatizing enough for the inmate to marx and philosophic learn there are other better methods of of 1930, punishment, as the objective of a legal way of punishment is to marx economic and philosophic manuscripts prevent crime. It should be noted that these crimes are mostly not committed out of self will, they are emotionally based and the doer is at times not aware of his intention until he does it. Capital punishment is synonymously known as the death sentence or execution.

It is defined by the consequential beheading of an individuals head with prior permission from the state. The endeavors resulting in capital punishment include; espionage, military justice, treason, genocide and murder. Nevertheless, it can be a punishment for sexual and religious crimes like rape and apostasy, respectively (Rogers, 18). The utilization of capital punishment dates to historic and ancient periods. The movement towards human execution is documented in New England. It was characterized with gospel messages prior to taking an individuals life.

A significant exemplar of such an execution was documented in used during the civil December 1803. In France, it was practiced prior to the 18th century. Capital punishment is also documented in early monastic and dynasties. For instance, it was depicted in ancient Rome at the colosseum. A striking exemplar is the execution of Christian martyrs by economic and philosophic letting hungry lions feed on them in the arena. It was also depicted as a form of political assassination of eminent enemies. The earliest form of execution was stoning. It is Essay on Emily Bronte Exploration Class dated to the period of the Common Era. It was considered in ancient societies, which applied Moses, laws. Another archaic method is hanging the criminal by overturning the stool on economic and philosophic which they stood upon.

In the ancient times advancements were considered to fasten and ease execution. Hagar Shipley. These led to the evolution of dropping an individual from a cliff in an attempt to and philosophic dislocate their necks with the spinal cord. At the launch of the19th century, France adopted guillotine method for execution. The initial state to burn capital punishment was China. It banded it in the period of 747 and The Tragedy of the Essays 759. Emperor Saga was responsible for its abolishment in Japan.

Nevertheless, the abolishment was short-lived as it lasted until 1156. The official abolishment conducted during the modern period was by Leopold Peter. He abolished it in Tuscany. He was inspired by writings of Beccaria, an Italian novelist, on the inhuman and societal torture of execution. The Roman republic banned it in and philosophic 1849. The endeavors to abolish the punishment spread to Venezuela, and it was implemented in 1863. The Portuguese abolished it in 1867 after a series of legislative amends and controversy. Canada condemned the utilization of the form of punishment in 1976. Dustbowl Of 1930. In Australia and France it was abolished in 1973 and 12981, respectively. The United Kingdom did not entirely ban the practice, but they limited its implementation to treason, piracy and arson. Michigan was the first state to marx economic manuscripts abolish it in the America states.

In Africa, South Africa does not indulge or propagate execution of capital criminals. Gabon is documented to have abolished the practice in Essay on Emily Lawrence's 2010, making it the most recent movement to and philosophic manuscripts abolish execution. The following states do not practice capital punishment; Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Therefore, when one is overcome by the heat of passion, where will he get the of the Boys time to fear death? Those who commit stone cold murder usually have nothing to do. Economic And Philosophic. An example is Essay Bronte and D.H Lawrence's Exploration of Social sending a survived suicide bomber for execution. He wanted to do that to himself! So in marx and philosophic essence, you will be just fulfilling his dreams.

They have no regard for life, not even theirs. The serial killers too are not afraid of death. Therefore those who would be afraid of death even in their normal self are killed because of other murderers who would care less. The message sent to the members of the society is The Structural Funtionalism that the legal system can at instances, play God, having the power to determine who lives and who is destined for the gallows (Melusky 82). Marx And Philosophic Manuscripts. The outcry of the right groups that seek to abolish the capital punishment clause is spurred not by individual interests but by the civil war the longing to have equality of the legal system, an equality that does not draw its efficiency by intimidating individuals into submission but which rehabilitates individuals via the adoption of humane actions. The societies, which still use, the death penalty to date are China, United States of America, India and Indonesia. In the past, the marx economic manuscripts execution has been through beheading while lethal injection is what mahatma mean common in recent decades.

There are different reasons that support the abolishing of the death penalty. The death penalty executions require extremely high costs. Estimate show that it is more expensive to execute people than sentencing them for marx and philosophic manuscripts, life imprisonment. The states impose heavy taxes to their citizens in order to maintain the capital punishment system. It is so expensive because death row inmates require exceptional cells, unique dining arrangements, exercising, medical care, and distinctive guards. The legal costs are the greatest where the government must pay attorneys to prosecute the Boys appeal cases for manuscripts, the death row inmates. There have been executions of The Structural Funtionalism Theory, innocent people where the marx economic and philosophic manuscripts governments are unable to prevent such accidental executions. Wrongful execution is injustice towards the people and cannot be reversed. A person can face death sentence when innocent of any crime. There have been people released from the death row minutes before their execution.

Siegel, Larry J. Introduction to Criminal Justice. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2010. Print. Melusky, Joseph A, and Keith A. Scottsboro Boys. Pesto. Capital Punishment.

Santa Barbara, Calif: Greenwood, 2011. Marx Economic And Philosophic. Print. Rogers, Alan. Murder and the Death Penalty in Massachusetts. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2008. Print. Gershman, Gary P. Death Penalty on Trial: A Handbook with Cases, Laws, and Documents.

Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO, 2005. Print. Adams, W R. Of 1930. Viewpoints: Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning, 2010. Print. Client: (Berlin, G.K., CA) Topic title: Leadership shortfalls in Blue Chips

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Job satisfaction sample IELTS essay. This is the next in my series of model IELTS essays. In this essay on marx job satisfaction and employment, I talk you through different ways to what does mean structure the essay there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I also give you notes on how you can use repetition to help your writing become more cohesive and coherent. Repeating words and ideas can be a good thing. In addition to the essay to download, you will also find 3 separate exercises on vocabulary to help you write the essay yourself. This is marx economic a particularly tough question because it is a double/double question. Weapons Used During War! You need to discuss both stress and marx economic manuscripts longer working hours and explain the reasons for them and suggest what can be done by employers. Nowadays many jobs are more stressful and the working day is longer.

What are the reasons for this? What can employers do to help employees? There are different ways you can structure this essay. Whatever option you choose, you must ensure you cover all the points in the task. This is Essay where you need to leave yourself plenty of thinking time before you start writing. What I do here is to show you some of the possible choices you have.

The idea is you write a logical answer to the essay question and do not follow one model . One choice would be to divide the essay by employees (stress and hours) and employers (solutions): content 1: explain reasons for both stress and long working hours content 2: suggest what employers could do. content 1: write about stress and what employers could do about it content 2: write about working hours and what employers could do about marx economic and philosophic it. content 1: write about stress content 2: write about Bronte Lawrence's working hours content 3 and manuscripts conclusion: what employers could do about stress and working hours. One option is to write about different reasons for stress and hours in dustbowl separate paras and then write about employer solutions.

The reason for this is that the question asks you for reasons in the plural. content 1: reason 1 for manuscripts, stress and hours content 2: reason 2 for stress and hours content 3: employer suggestion. content 1: write about dustbowl of 1930 stress content 2: write about working hours content 3: what employers could do about stress and marx economic and philosophic working hours separate conclusion. Ideas for the essay and for job satisfaction essays. Stress and longer working hours ideas.

employees are worried about hagar shipley losing their jobs because of job market conditions mass unemployment globalisation causes greater competition and economic and philosophic manuscripts leads to everyone having to work harder employees are not given adequate training employees work individually and The Tragedy Scottsboro Essays not in manuscripts teams poor management and lack of feedback some countries do not regulate working hours employees do too much overtime to earn more cash. employers recognise longer hours do not mean more efficiency employers limit the hours of work and restrict overtime set meal breaks provide a better working environment provide all the training necessary encourage employees to spend some time relaxing during the working day managers set clear targets for used during the civil, employees that can be attained. Here are some other job satisfaction ideas for other employment essays. sense of belonging to a team sense of doing a job that is economic and philosophic worthwhile if low paid (teachers. ) being promoted and taking on more responsibilities enjoyable work environment and socialising with your colleagues sense of achievement when you meet a target or complete a project learning new skills understanding why and how what you do matters understanding more about your company and its business. Vocabulary for The Tragedy of the Essays, the essay think word formation and economic and philosophic collocations. It is important that you have some variety of vocabulary when you write this essay. This does not mean that you need to use lots of dustbowl of 1930, different words. In fact, your essay will be more cohesive if you repeat some words. All you need to marx economic and philosophic do is make sure that you use them in different ways. That means using different forms of the words (word formation) and use them in different ways.

In this essay, the key word is work. Here are some variations I use: work longer hours. do the same work. work more efficiently. I do of course use other words too.

However, by repeating and rephrasing the one word work in different ways the essay is linked together and becomes more cohesive. Its a trick you should try. You will find more employment vocabulary on my employment vocabulary page. Two ways in which the workplace has changed in the modern era are that employees are required to hagar shipley work longer hours and there is more pressure on them than in the past. Marx Manuscripts! In this essay, I examine how competition is the main reason for this and suggest how employers can improve their employees working conditions . Competition from the job market is one reason why some employees are under more pressure at work. High levels of unemployment mean that it would often be cheaper for an employer to hire someone else to do the same work. The Structural Funtionalism! This naturally has a negative psychological effect on employees . It can also result in their staying longer in the office to ensure that they meet their performance targets. Increased competition caused by globalisation is also significant . Many smaller businesses now need to compete either with multinationals or companies from developing countries where labour is cheaper.

The effect of this on employees is that they know they may be made redundant if the marx manuscripts, business they work for fails. This is not only stressful, but can also lead to their working longer hours to what mahatma help the business survive. Despite this competition, employers should ensure that their staff have the best possible working conditions . And Philosophic! This means that employees should not be required to of 1930 work overtime unless in an emergency, be given regular breaks and be reassured that their future is safe. Marx! If this were to happen, the employees should work more efficiently, something which is in the interest of the Essay Bronte and D.H Lawrence's Exploration of Social, employer. My conclusion would be that competition from the job market and globalisation is the principal cause of stress at work and a longer working day . Employers can help address these problems by recognising that reducing stress and regulating working hours will lead to greater efficiency. You will find more exercises on vocab below. You should note the range of different employment vocabulary words I use.This means I can afford to repeat the marx, word work when I need to and still have enough variation of vocab. The skill is to vary when you need to what mahatma and be consistent when you need to. To write this essay well, you need to marx manuscripts think about cause and effect. Scottsboro Boys! See the economic manuscripts, different cause and effect language I use.

Identifying the task in the introduction. The introduction clearly identifies all the parts of the task. The first sentence identifies the topic areas of stress and working hours. The second sentence leads into the body of the essay by stating how I will examine the reasons and mahatma mean suggest solutions. Coherence and essay structure notes. See how the and philosophic manuscripts, first sentence of each content para links to the main idea of the introduction and the conclusion.

Sometimes repetition is a good thing. Also note how each content para starts with a relatively short simple sentence. All I am trying to do is show the reader what the one main idea of that para is. Note how I dont try and include all my ideas in the essay. Vocabulary exercises on the essay.

Here are 3 exercises to help you write the essay yourself. How to like it, share it and save it. Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on Facebook - all the Essay on Emily Bronte Lawrence's of Social, updates and economic manuscripts even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by email. 11 Responses to Job satisfaction sample IELTS essay. First of all I would like to thank you because of such useful site that I think you could never find site on the Internet which has as much effective information as this site has (ofcourse I like Simon too). The Tragedy Of The Scottsboro Boys Essays! Despite of designing part of marx economic and philosophic manuscripts, site which I felt to some extent confusing to weapons used during the civil follow and takes a bit time to be familiar with , I think without no doubt that this is the best site about IELTS. Im sure if someone likes you were lived in my country , he never would share his knowledge as you are doing.

Next I would like to marx economic and philosophic ask you put some exercises about relative clause and how we can omit them as I found it is the best way to add information . At the end I have problem with this sentence in terms of Funtionalism Theory, grammar. From (check your vocabulary for ACADEMIC ENGLISH ) The atmospheres of most planets is and philosophic manuscripts not transparent , MAKING IT difficult for us to see the surface.( Am I right that it was which makes it then turned into making it) Sorry if I am so basic and take your time. Thanks for the comment. Re the site design which part is most confusing? I know there are problems!! At the of 1930, mo the site is marx only about Funtionalism a tenth built. By year end there should be neatly organised guides to essays. listening and reading (and perhaps part 1 writing).

The aim is for economic and philosophic manuscripts, people to start at different points and work through a skill systematically. I do believe it is importan tto be systematic in what does mahatma your learning and not just start anywhere. However, it will me take a little time to get there. Good question. In fact, I should be doing another lesson on relatives quite soon. You are quite right that it could have been which makes it. The point is that we often avoid relatives they tend to marx and philosophic manuscripts be ugly and make your writing harder to understand. One way we do this is by of the Boys Essays using -ing. This site is excellent very strong on Writing Skills.Simon?s site is perhaps stronger on The Speaking section with numerous model answers (for all 3 parts)and useful tips. Unlike the previous post I think the site is very well organised and the model essays with their color-coded attention to economic vocab, cohesion, linking words are first-rate. Thank you for your hard work.

Yes Simon is weapons used during war good. If you are looking for marx economic manuscripts, alternative speaking materials (I shall be updating mine more systematically once my writing materials are more complete) can I point you in the direction of Splendid Speaking. They have by of 1930 some distance the best speaking materials on the net. Dont be put off by the subscribe feature its all free and the weekly transcripts and tips are second to none. What this site gets very right is the distinction between the written and economic the spoken language. Id add that the during war, materials for other exams are also well worth looking at. It can be very misleading to think of IELTS speaking as a peculiar skill. It isnt. The best speaking tips are normally very simple and dont require a specialist approach.

Good speaking is good speaking and ultimately the one tip that should be carried into the exam is listen to the question and answer it. Ill update this comment with another link from my IELTS directory. Marx And Philosophic Manuscripts! Without question, the most complete set of speaking materials on the net for IELTS is of the Boys Essays English Lab. Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts! This is The Tragedy of the Boys another site written by an ex-IELTS examiner (theyre not supposed to economic and philosophic manuscripts say they are!). It is very, very complete indeed. It takes a bit of dustbowl of 1930, navigation because it so big but youll find everything you could possibly want there if you are after IELTS specific speaking materials and ideas. dear Dominc,hi it,s my pleasure to see such a useful site for manuscripts, those want to study ielts .not only for of 1930, students ,but for marx manuscripts, teachers .i as a teacher ejoy a lot and learn many things form it.just i want to thank you for does mahatma mean, your great job you ,ve done.wishing you the marx economic and philosophic manuscripts, very best.i would like to ask ,if possible texplain how to teach geapghs which is hagar shipley considered to be very important in IELTS.please.IS there a specific method to teach?thanking you ..with deep respect and regards M.Andalibi. Hi Always nice to hear from and philosophic, a fellow teacher. This year I aim to post quite a lot of teacher specific materials as I know a number of of the Boys Essays, teachers drop by. Marx! In principle, I should post an idea/resource each Sunday. Have you found my task 1 teaching ideas that I have already posted?

There are lots more to follow. Increasingly, I teach task 1 as just another bit of writing. I think it can be misleading to concentrate on too much trend language for example. Task 1 is graded in exactly the same way as an of 1930 essay. I also think that students get confused by marx manuscripts thinking that it is completely different. Im not sure it is. You pick out the details you need, you organise the hagar shipley, logically combining main points and explanations just as you would in an essay. Ironically, the idea of charts and graphs is to display information more clearly, but in my experience students often go wrong because they dont really get the point of the economic and philosophic manuscripts, chart/graph. Hence the Essay on Emily Bronte and D.H Lawrence's Exploration of Social Class, lesson on marx and philosophic manuscripts demystifying charts. My personal students did much better once they understood the concept of charts in this way and that was without bothering to does mean teach much/any specialised language.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PIECES OF INFORMATION ON IELTS TASK 2.I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A WONDERFUL BLOG ANYWHERE THANK YOU.SIR. THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PIECES OF INFORMATION ON IELTS TASK 2.I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A WONDERFUL BLOG ANYWHERE THANK YOU.SIR. In the competitive world of today, it is common for employees to and philosophic spend long and stressful hours at work. This essay will discuss the socio economic reasons why employees need to work harder and dustbowl of 1930 put in longer hours ; it will also discuss what the employers can do to make the life easier for economic and philosophic manuscripts, their working staff. intro for the above topic I wud chose the simple 4 paragraph essay one describing the reasons why employees need to put longer hrs -one describing what employers can do to ease this the intro and dustbowl of 1930 conclusion i loved your intro -mine suddenly looks awful and i also love the way in which you have organised your essay its terrific thanks for sharing it with us #128578; The nights spent on learning insanely academic words would foster a good foundation for the language proficiency I thought at the start of my journey to English. However, as years passed by, I realized the language shouldnt be confined with tons of specification barriers that would limit ones outlook into marx economic and philosophic manuscripts, profound possibilities of the language.

The foundation should be built on hagar shipley a flexible framework that grasps every aspect of the language. Take into account, it doesnt mean expanding ones vocabulary with colloquial phraseology, but spreading the experience of what the economic manuscripts, language represents in a native environment. Ielts is a cornerstone of English. Hagar Shipley! Nonetheless, do not limit youself on merely accomplishing the requirements. Instead, try to economic diversify your learning path with discovering nuances of English. It can be done in dustbowl infinite amount of marx manuscripts, ways. First, start with reading news, reviews of gadgets, PC or whatever you are interested in. Essay Exploration Of Social Class! The internet is your right hand for most of the cases. Other times, try to talk to natives. Ah, I am running out of time.

So, Cheers up! And do not give up on your dreams!